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Since Jared is a DJ he occasionally has shows out of town so it’s not uncommon for us to take road trips. Last summer his friend from Florida asked if he would come play so, we set things up and hit the highway in August. The gig went great, we had decided to just make a weekend out of it so we stayed with friends and made plans to go out the next day. Trish offered to get our nails done, but I needed to to get a pair of shorts so she offered us her Kohls bucks(like $70 of them). Now I had only met her once before so this struck me odd, but super sweet.

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Most people aren’t that generous. Jared and I both got to get some new outfits for our boat ride that he had just informed me that we were going on in the gulf! My first time! We are on the boat having an amazing time and our song comes on and his friend keeps asking if I like the song trying to get me to turn around and there is Jared getting ready to propose! I cry and say yes almost knocking him off the boat lol. So the best part for me has yet to come. We get back to the marina and I call my 19 yr old daughter to tell her the amazing news and she says “I know my mom, he asked me for my permission before he started planning this out months ago!” My heart melted. I cannot wait to marry this man in September!

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