Hillary and Hudson

Image 1 of Hillary and Hudson

How We Met

We met through mutual friends. I knew his best group of friends and he would always stop me and say a few words. He then added me on Snapchat and then eventually got my number and asked me on a date. 3 days after our date he told me he loved me, he introduced me to his family and we have been inseparable since.

How They Asked

It was Mother’s Day. He decided to go fishing (to clear his mind and get ready to propose) he got back from fishing and I was upset that he didn’t spend the day with me.. I was grocery shopping just to kill time while we were in Florida visiting his mom while he was fishing. I am a mother so I thought Mother’s Day should be spent with me so of course I got mad at him and he said well let me give you your present to make you feel bettter. We went out by the pool and he said let’s get Mother’s Day pictures. So I took pictures of him and his mother first and then my daughter decided to go hide so he left to go find her around the house and we found her and had to explain to her she needs to listen when we call for her, so she got upset and I was upset because i thought she ran off in the woods, ect. It was a mess! Little did I know he still had plans to propose! We went back outside for a family picture and he turned and got down on one knee. I don’t remember a thing he said because I was so happy. Of course I said yes!!!