Hillary and Francis

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How We Met

Francis & I met at San Jose City College in January 2015. I was not a student at the time, but both him & my brother were. I was going to school with my brother to be a guest on his radio show. The first day I walked in Francis walked up to me and said “Hi, I’m Skitzo” (Skitzo was his radio name) and that was it…I was hooked….I took every opportunity to go to SJCC just hoping I’d get to see Skitzo again. I left the state in April 2015, and we lost touch until February 10th, 2016 when everything changed. We had both decided to join the radio broadcasting class and instantly it was like nothing had changed. I soon found myself sitting on campus when I didn’t need to be there just so I could hang out with Francis. 1 month & 6 days later Francis made his first move, which I didn’t register as a move. Then 1 month & 19 days later we were sitting in the radio station and he sent me a sticker via Facebook Messenger that said “Be Mine?” So I looked at him, very serious & said “Are you asking?” he said “Yes.” & the rest as they say is history.

how they asked

Francis and I had planned with our friend Deano to go up to the Oakland Temple and that morning we were hanging out before we met up with Deano and Francis told me “Hey, remind me when we get to the Temple I need to talk to Deano” So we drive from San Jose to Oakland and I remind Francis that he needed to talk to Deano & he goes “Oh yeah! Meet me where we took pictures the last time we were here.” At this point I have no clue what’s going to happen, I was honestly confused. So I go into the visitor’s center and go fix my eyeliner & lipgloss then 5 minutes later I go outside and walk to the spot that’s overlooking the city of Oakland and even into San Francisco. It was a gorgeous day and you could see Alcatraz Island, the weather was amazing and the weather was perfect. I get to the spot and the guys are looking out at the view talking about sports so I hug Francis from behind and say hi, then he hands Deano his phone and asks him to take pictures of us, which I expected him to do because I always tell him “We need more pictures together.” Then all of a sudden Francis gets down on one knee and says “Hillary Renee Ascensao, I love you so so so much, will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?” I started crying my eyes out and said “Yes!”

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