Hillary and Evan

How We Met

Evan and I attended high school together where we sat next to each other in history class our senior year. We also both attended the same community college after graduation. We shared the same group of friends so they saw each other frequently the summer of 2011when all of our friends were home for the summer. At that time I was recently single and that whole summer Evan shamelessly tried to catch my eye. He tried hard to get me to accept an offer to allow him to drive me to the movies for a movie night with our friends. I finally gave in after declining multiple times and allowed him to drive me. I had so much fun with him that I asked him to go to an Iron Pigs aseball game with me which became our first date. After that date we spent the rest of the summer together. That fall Evan asked my dad’s permission to date his daughter. A year and a half since our senior history class together Evan and I officially became a couple. Almost six and a half years later we are finally saying “I Do!”

how they asked

I came home from getting my haircut one January, Saturday morning when I saw one of my best friend’s car in my driveway. I walked in to see my friend Meghan sitting at my kitchen counter. I asked Meghan what she was doing at my house but Meghan said there was a letter from Evan that I should read to get my answers. Evan wrote in the letter that Meghan would be taking me out for a girls day and that he would pick me up at 6pm. Meghan and I spent the day going out to lunch, getting our nails done, and shopping. When I got home I started to get ready. Evan, who had a beard the last time I saw him, had come to pick me up clean shaved, hair cut, and dressed in a nice outfit. He blind folded me before driving to the proposal spot.

After arriving at the location, Evan led me out of the car and up some stairs. He told me to take off my blind fold. I opened my eyes to see my mother’s backyard gazebo in the woods lit up with candles and lights. In the center of the gazebo stood Evan and an Enchanted Rose replicated from Beauty and the Beast which is my favorite movie. Evan spoke the sweetest words of endearment to met before getting down on one knee to ask me to marry him.

Hillary's Proposal in The mother of the bride’s house in the woods

Hillary and Evan's Engagement in The mother of the bride’s house in the woods

After enjoying each other’s excitement Evan told someone to come out of the woods. Nicole, who worked with me for many years, came out of the woods holding a camera. She studied photography in college and was able to use her skills to catpure this beautiful moment. Evan and I then went to visit both of their families to share the good news before heading to a fun hibachi dinner to celebrate. Evan didn’t stop there as he also surprised me with an in-law brunch the following day with our parents to continue the celebration!

Special Thanks

Nicole Palmasano
 | Photographer