Hillary and Ethan

How We Met

We were two young college grads living out our dreams, working at ESPN and living in the land of safe neighborhoods and strong school systems. In central Connecticut, co-workers become friends and friends become your everything. It was here that Ethan and I became each other’s everything. I remember meeting Ethan at $1 beer night in Hartford and instantly becoming attracted to his infectious personality. Ethan doesn’t remember this because he was far too excited about a thrilling Blackhawks playoff victory. Ethan’s lasting memory about the beginning of our relationship is getting butterflies when he received a work email that he would be training Hillary for a new assignment the day after their first kiss. Little did SportsCenter know they were playing matchmaker. After nearly four years in Connecticut, we packed our bags and moved to beautiful southern California. Our love that blossomed on the east coast has moved to the city where dreams come true.

How They Asked

Our dating anniversary fell in December when Ethan was swamped with law school finals…or so I thought. When we exchanged gifts, Ethan pretended that he won a contest on Twitter which got us a private tour for two of Fenway Park around Christmas, complete with a fake certificate. He also got us a hotel room in Boston and a romantic dinner in the North End to make up for his busy December. We showed up at Fenway to meet our tour guide and surprise! There was a photographer to take pictures of the contest winner!

Hillary and Ethan's Engagement in Fenway Park, Boston, MA

The tour guide suggested we head up to the Green Monster while it was still daylight to snap some photos and before I knew it, Ethan was down on one knee asking me the easiest question ever! We then had a private photoshoot around an empty Fenway Park followed by a surprise dinner with my parents, best friend, and Ethan’s family, who had flown in from Florida. I was completely amazed by the whole day and it was a Boston sports fan’s dream come true.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Special Thanks

Matt Hichborn
 | Photographer
Sarah Farley
 | Tour Guide at Fenway Park