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How We Met

December 2012, It was my senior year of high school, I was sitting in my AP English class preparing for the midterm when my best friend Allie, (and future Matron of Honor) texted me and told me to text this guy she knew, who happened to be sitting beside her in class at a different school across town. Normally I wouldn’t have texted a boy first but for some reason I did, and boy am I glad. A few texts over the next few days led to a blind date. On the same day my high school football team won our first state championship ever, and after the game I rushed home to get ready to meet Allie. We were going on a double date with her and her boyfriend, Caleb. Coincidentally Allie married Caleb and now I’m going to marry Zach. I remember walking into the theater and my first thought was how tall he was. He had on some goofy hat and I remember laughing in my head at him. We watched the entire movie, The Hobbit, and maybe said a total of five words to each other.

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When the movie was over, this six foot tall boy climbed into the backseat of a jeep and gave me a side hug. He never texted me that night after I got home and I was convinced he didn’t like me, because we had the most awkward first date. The next morning I woke up to a long awaited text & the rest is history. From a blind date in a movie theater to our senior prom, high school graduations, college and careers, living long distance, a multitude of birthdays and holidays, vacations both domestically and internationally, and now a big move across the country; I fell in love at eighteen years old and haven’t looked back. Who would have guessed my first and only boyfriend would become my fiance and future husband. The past four and half years have been such a whirlwind, and now I absolutely can not wait for our forever to begin. We started officially dating January 6th, 2013 and we will become one on January 6th, 2019; exactly six years later.

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how they asked

In February of 2017, Zach flew up to Canada to visit me, we had a romantic trip to Niagara falls and downtown Toronto, He helped me get my stuff together and moved me back home. We reconnected and our relationship grew so much more. In March I accepted a job as a corporate travel agent. After I completed my internship, my job asked if anyone would be willing to relocate from Atlanta, Georgia to Portland, Oregon. I was instantly excited so I asked Zach what his opinion was, he was nervous but excited so I accepted the relocation. We decided to have a going away party to see our friends and family all in one place a couple weekends before the move. We were having a wonderful day and as everyone was preparing to leave; Zach called everyone together to say thank you for coming. After that he turned to me, and said he had something he wanted to do, he got down on one knee with tears in his eyes and asked me to marry him.

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He hates being in front of people, and he was so nervous; his words were short and sweet but it was the most magical moment of my life.

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He put the ring on my finger and we both were so emotional and excited to share the moment with all of our friends and family who had witnessed the most magical, special moment of my life thus far.

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