Hilary and Michael

Hilary's Proposal in Disney's Magic Kingdom

Here’s a little back story on our fairytale: Mikey and I met on March 4, 2016 at a country line dancing bar in South Florida. He was being nice and helping me learn some of the dances, cause I was HORRIBLE. I then noticed he was wearing a Star Wars hat and immediately started talking to him about the most recent movie and the rebellion. I soon found out that we both attended Johnson & Wales University! Really crazy because it is so far from school and most students there don’t like country anything. Later into the night every girl’s fantasy happened to me, and I knew right away I wanted him. There was a drunken guy that wouldn’t leave me alone and sent his friends over to talk to me and see why I wouldn’t dance with him. Mikey immediately, without a moment’s hesitation, responded with “Oh this is my girl” and grabbed my hand. The two guys apologized and left me alone the rest of the night. About a month later, after me basically begging him, on April 6th 2016 he asked me out using a red solo cup. He wrote “I’ll be your Han SOLO (spin the cup) if you’ll be my Princess Leia”. The rest is history until October 6th, 2017!!!

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