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How We Met

I met Kevin during my senior year of college at Chapman University in the winter of 2013. Every semester during finals week we had an event called ‘undie run’ in which the school met at midnight in the middle of campus to run to and around the circle in Old Towne Orange and back dressed in underwear and pajamas (google it, it’s crazy). My roommates and I decided to have some friends over to celebrate before the festivities. My friend Kate and I planned the get-together and were deciding who to invite when she got really excited all the sudden and said, “Wait, I should invite my cousin Kevin, I actually think you guys would get along really well!” I agreed that she should invite him, not really thinking anything of it.

The night began and the house was packed with all of our friends. I was having so much fun with friends when Kate came up to me and told me I needed to say hello to Kevin. She pretty much pushed me into talking to him (for which I am forever grateful). My first words to him were, “So…you are Kate’s cousin, right?” as he leaned against the stove in his underwear. I was wearing a hot pink onesie decked out in snowflakes that Kate and I had bought earlier that day to match. I can’t believe I met me future husband in his underwear. The rest of the night we never stopped talking and everything just felt so comfortable with him, I knew he was something special. I usually can read people pretty easily and he was a refreshing change from the typical college boys I had met at Chapman. He was such a gentleman and I could just tell he had a good, sweet heart. He got my number at the end of the night and crashed on the couch in the living room downstairs. I had to wake up the next day for an 8am final and when I came back after my test Kevin had cleaned up the mess from last night and the house was spotless (who doesn’t love a man that cleans, am I right?). He was just about to leave when I got back and we had breakfast in my kitchen before he headed out. He called me the next day and asked me on our first date. I actually hadn’t dated anyone before – I knew what I wanted and wouldn’t settle for anything less (basically, I was picky). I said yes to Kevin as I thought he was the sweet man he would prove himself to be. Little did I know it would be my first and last first date with who would become my first boyfriend and future husband.

We went to dinner and nervously chatted about the details of our lives. We had a shared love for adventure and adrenaline-filled activities like skydiving and bungee jumping. Two weeks into dating we were out to brunch in the Old Towne Orange circle where we had been the first night we met. I was hugging him as we waited for our table and I felt his heart pounding. That’s when he said these words: “I don’t want you to see anyone else, I want you to be my girlfriend.” It wasn’t really a question so I agreed to his statement and we went from there. I knew quickly that this was the man I would be spending my life with. For me, it wasn’t a specific moment or a feeling. It was just something I knew, I knew this was it, he was what I wanted and needed in a life partner. He balanced me out, all my weaknesses were his strengths and visa versa. A couple of months into dating, he shared that he loved me and I said those special words back to him. Our love has grown over the past 4 years and every time I think I couldn’t love him any more than I do, he proves me wrong.

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how they asked

So I have this countdown app in my phone that I use to look forward to things that are coming up. I check it often and Kevin always makes fun of me for it. One day I opened it to see a countdown I had not put in the app myself. It was a countdown for the days until a “mystery birthday trip”. I was confused for a bit trying to think if I had put it there and forgotten. Then I thought, ‘Maybe Kevin put it in there?’ I confronted him about it when I saw him later that day and he confessed.

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I was left wondering what this surprise trip could possibly be. He said it was for my birthday which threw me off his scent a bit, but I still hoped that maybe this would finally be it, the proposal I had been ready and waiting for (somewhat impatiently, woops) for some time now. The day final came to leave for the trip and I got to the airport still unaware of where we were going. I had my guesses, but still no confirmation from him. He only gave me an idea of the weather so I could properly pack. I found out we were going to Iceland and Ireland! I was so excited to be able to travel with him and hopeful for a proposal to possibly be in the works.

The first day we spent at the Blue Lagoon.

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The next day, we went on a road trip around the Golden Circle in Iceland. Our first stop was Kerid Crater lake.

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The next stop was called Gjáin. It was a beautiful valley of waterfalls (Game of Thrones fans might recognize it). I was excited to walk down and explore the place, the view from the top was amazing.

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I had a feeling it was about to happen. Kevin grabbed my hand a bit tighter than usual as we walked down. We walked the path to the waterfall you see at the right of the picture above. I was just taking it all in when Kevin started being extra nice and romantic. He told me he loved me, that I was the most beautiful girl he had seen, that he couldn’t remember what his life was like before me and that he never wanted to know life without me.

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He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of his life with him. I said “Yes!” and he put the ring on my finger. It all happened so quickly. We stayed around Gjáin for a bit to take in the place we where we got engaged. The proposal was captured by a photographer who was nearby. I am so glad they were because I kind of blacked out in excitement.

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We enjoyed the next week exploring Iceland and Ireland as an engaged couple.

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We will be getting married June 2018 in Temecula, CA. We are so excited to be starting this new chapter together. I am looking forward to a lifetime of adventures with my best friend and one and only love of my life.

We pray that our marriage will mirror God’s love for us. To God be all the glory.

“We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

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Special Thanks

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