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How We Met

Joe and I met in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in 2011 where we were both on a family holiday for Christmas break. The day before Christmas Eve I saw him on the beach and nudged my Mom next to me to check him out. I was instantly head over heels before we had even spoken. I look straight at my Mom and said “I don’t know who that is, but I’m going to marry that guy one day” and we laughed it off. Later that day, while he and his friend were hanging out on the beach, I approached them to introduce myself. I was with another girl that I had met at the resort and we all made plans to go out into town that night to escape our families for a little bit. Of course my Mom was not so excited about me going out in Mexico with a random guy that I had just met, but I assured her that I would be back by midnight and we got into a taxi to head into town. We stayed out ALL night. Totally lost track of time dancing under the stars in Mexico and talking on the beach until the morning hours. I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that I had broke my Mexico curfew my family was probably freaking out. When I finally headed back to my room, disaster struck. Cops scouring the resort for me and all, checking security footage and trying to figure out where I had disappeared to and a Mother that thought for sure I had been kidnapped in Mexico by the random guy I went out with. She was so mad. When I walked into the room instant tears immediately turned into angry screaming and I just stood there completely dazed and confused- so in love. I was on cloud nine and basically just stood there with hearts in my eyes her saying “Mom, I told you. I’m going to marry that guy”. Safe to say my now fiancé and his best friend hid out on the other side of the resort beach for the remainder of our trip… hiding from my Mom.

how they asked

I absolutely hate surprises and always figure out a way to know what is going on so I thought for sure I would somewhat know when it was about to happen. After 6 years of dating, he clearly had that figured out. I was hoping it would happen sometime in the near future. So being me I started dropping hints and trying to figure it out. We were going to Alaska for the 4th of July like we had done for the last three years in a row since that is where he is from. I had interrogated my sister at this point before every trip we were going on. And I told him a few days before our trip that I was going to go get my nails done to which he responded “why?”. WHY?! Okay, not happening in Alaska then..

The Mendenall Glacier had ice caves form from the glacier receding the year before and I was dying to go. The hike to get there was long, cold and pouring down rain. We were so excited when we finally got down there and of course started taking photos. We were with his entire family and his cousin offered to take some photos of us once we got inside of the cave. He was a couple feet away from me and I grabbed his arm to try to pull him closer to me for a photo but he wasn’t budging. I proceeded to slip almost falling over and catching myself on the wall of the ice cave.. When I turned back towards him he was down on one knee with the most perfect ring I could of ever imagined. Which I nearly knocked out of his hands I went to hug him so fast after asking “are you serious?!” and “SERIOUSLY?!” about 3 times. He gave his speech which I don’t remember because like most I immediately blacked out from the excitement. We were soaking wet and freezing but it was so him and the best moment I could of ever asked for from my wild alaskan man.

He waited until the day before to tell my sister and mom his plans, since he knew I would get it out of them. He totally threw me off with my investigative comments I had made the week before. Planning the most amazing surprise I would of ever hoped for and most likely one of the only ones he will ever pull off.

So that boy on the beach.. that I swore I was going to marry the day I met him, is now my future husband. And my Mom is pretty excited to tell that story at the wedding (she’s gotten over the whole disappearing in Mexico thing since).

The Mendenhall Glacier Ice cave were short lived and have since collapsed. I like to think we are most likely the only people that got engaged there!

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