Highschool Sweethearts Engaged; Christa and Sean

Is there anything as adorable as high school sweethearts? Young love just kills us we’re so happy to see these highschool sweethearts get engaged!
Her side: Our story is always an interesting one to tell. It always starts out with both of us looking at each other wondering if we should actually tell the whole, real story or just make up a few words. But, the real, whole story is always an interesting one to tell so here goes:

While Sean and I are in fact high school sweethearts, we are by no means the ‘love at first sight’ kind of couple. I was actually dating another individual before meeting Sean. The individual that I had been dating wanted to introduce Sean and I so that he could get the “cool” approval from his best friend since Sean went to a different high school – before officially asking me to be his girlfriend. So, we ended up meeting at a high school football game in November, our junior year of high school. And, although I wasn’t impressed by his best friend (Sean), I thought it was a good idea to hang out and get to know one another. The individual I was currently ‘talking ‘ to was an absolutely incredible guy, but I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to date someone I found to be such a good friend. I also wasn’t fond of PDA (public display of affection), and while we were at the football game, he would continue to wrap his arms around me. Luckily, I had an incredible best friend who would tell him to stop touching me every time I stepped on her foot – which worked until Sean caught on. He looked both of us in the eyes, and told us his friend could do whatever he wanted; he was in fact on a date. Our night went like that for a while – Sean annoying me, and the individual I was on a date with wrapping his arms around me. My best friend at the time was like a sister to me and we were able to laugh it off and move on – typical high school kids I suppose.

A few months went by and I ended up deciding that the guy I had been talking to wasn’t someone I wanted to date, rather someone I wanted to keep as a friend. Sean and I continued to hang out and play soccer together till we started to like each other. My best friend however, shared with me that she liked Sean just after he had shared with me that he didn’t like her. A long story made short, Sean asked his best friend for his approval to date me, as I did with mine – and after both said yes– we started dating. Unfortunately they were lying and I was banned from my lunch table and lost both of those friends.

From the start of our relationship, to the long distance dating, our relationship hasn’t exactly been easy. Through it all, however, I can say that I have made some absolutely incredible life-long friends, and a life-long partner who I love without a doubt. Sean is absolutely my soul mate and I wouldn’t ask for our relationship to have formed any other way. All of the difficulties we gone through, and all of the hardships that we have experienced has only shaped our relationship into what it is now – and I wouldn’t trade what we have now for the world.






His side: Christa and I do not have the traditional, high school sweetheart story by any means. We met through my best friend who she happened to be dating at the time. For months I had heard about this amazing girl and how “hot” she was. Finally, after two months we were introduced at a high school football game since we did not go to the same school. At the game, I met this amazing girl who apparently did not like public displays of affection. My buddy was trying to put his arm around her and hold her hand like any other high school couple. Every time he did however, Christa kicked or stepped on her best friend and the friend piped up, “stop it, that is disgusting.” Well, I am a pretty outspoken person and the next time this all happened, I quickly chimed in and told her friend that he could put his arm around her if he wanted, after all, they were dating. I was given an evil eye by Christa and her friend but the night continued and we all had a great time. We continued to hang out as a group of four, and Christa and I began to talk more. I found out she did not like my friend, and I did not like her friend who liked me; confusing right?. We tried to help our respective friends move on, but really we found out we liked each other. After asking our friends for approval, we began dating and lost both of our best friends. From then on, our relationship has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, but everything we have experienced and worked through has only made us stronger. Christa is my life and my love, and I am so happy to have her for the rest of my life.