Lindsey and Kyle's High School Theater Proposal

How We Met: Kyle and I are high school sweethearts, we met my junior year and his senior year. We were both involved in theatre, he did the backstage stuff and I was on the stage. During the biggest show of the year, Phantom of the Opera, he started to catch my eye. I started hanging out later after rehearsals ended just to be around him more.

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I would “accidentally” be in the same room or area with him, you know, the usual stuff you do in high school. It was a couple of days before the show opened and we were at the school really late. One of our directors was messing around and being goofy, dressing up in costumes and one of the girls who was still there was taking pictures. I asked her if she would send me some, but she didn’t have my phone number. I called it out to her and she took it, but she wasn’t the only one! Kyle texted me that night and we had a goofy conversation, but we haven’t stopped talking since that night! Soon after that, he asked me to go with him to his senior prom, then in front of his house to be his girlfriend.

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About a year after we started dating he gave me a promise ring, and a month later he moved to West Virginia to work, making us long distance. It has been hard, but he makes it worth the distance.

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how they asked: Anyone who knows Kyle will tell you he is not necessarily the romantic type. He is reserved and can be shy at times but he is a complete sweetheart. The fact that he doesn’t make large romantic gestures made his proposal even more special.

Kyle first surprised me by showing up the day I came home for spring break from college. I was out at dinner with my Dad and sister when he waltzed in. I was so excited and surprised! I was actually pretty frustrated with Kyle over the first couple days of break because he wasn’t spending much time with me. He was at his dad’s shop and out with one of his good friends and just not really around much. Then our friend Wynter texted me asking for a girl’s day. Of course I didn’t want to! I just wanted to be with Kyle! But he insisted, saying he would be here for a whole week and promising dinner together on Saturday; so I agreed to girl’s day. Wynter and her husband, Cody (who happens to be one of Kyle’s best friends) show up and Kyle sends me off with his card to fill up my car and to treat Wynter and I to some pampering! We ended up at the mall and roamed for a while when she suggested manicures. While we were finishing our manicures, Cody texted Wynter telling her him and Kyle had gone to our old high school to help build set for an upcoming show. He said that they would be there a while and for us to just head that way when we were done and we would go to dinner from there. We got there and Cody met us at the door. When we got to the theatre, Kyle’s friends Tristen took my arm. As he walked me into the theatre, a slide show started of pictures of me and Kyle and our song, I Don’t Dance by Lee Brice. I almost immediately started crying when Tristen whispered, “Keep it together”. He took me up onto the stage where I finished watching the slide show and the song played. As the pictures ended, the screen rose up. The mainstage curtain opened up and a spotlight came on to reveal Kyle down on one knee in front of me. I whispered to him, “Is this real?!” as I stepped toward him. He looked at me and said, “Lindsey Kayla, will you marry me?” Crying, I knelt down and said “Of course I will!” and we embraced.

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Before we got up he whispered, “I love you” and of course, I cried like a baby! I heard clapping, and when I turned around all of our close friends and family were there, watching and filming the whole thing! Including our two high school theatre teachers, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Weis. I can easily say it was the best day of my life! I can’t wait to be his wife!

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