Hettie and Pete's 1940s Proposal

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How We Met: We have so much in common so there were so many ways to meet – we volunteered for the same organisation, we worked together and we both liked 1940’s events, but we met at a work outing… a vintage Schwinn bike went past us and Pete said he liked it and I happened to reply that I had one. We then realised that we were both really into the vintage scene and 40’s events and we couldn’t stop chatting. The rest is history as they say and now we get to go to these events together and share this aspect of out lives! We have a 40’s Willy’s Jeep and a wartime motorbike along with various outfits.

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how they asked: We had taken our 1940s jeep over to Jersey for their 70th anniversary of their Liberation after the war – we’d had the best few days, had so much fun and met so many lovely people! We visited a year ago and despite difficult times it was the most perfect weekend so Jersey kind of felt like our place. Sunday was our last day there and I wondered why Pete had made a kind of schedule. We took the jeep to one of the old war bunkers and then went to Plemont Bay… just for lunch I thought. We had visited the beautiful beach on our first visit and had such a lovely romantic time, we had lovely memories of the beach. We had lunch at a little cafe at the top of the cliffs overlooking the beach and then finally took the trip down the many steps to the sand. It was really warm and so peaceful. We walked along the sand and I remember thinking how romantic it was! We got to a beautiful spot by the bottom of some cliffs and Pete just stopped; he looked at me with a look I’d never seen before. He started speaking and I thought, ‘why is he being so serious?’ He was telling me how he’d loved me from that first moment with the bike… It only twigged when he started to get down on one knee! It was then he pulled out this ring box from his pocket and asked me to marry him!! I said yes of course and we jumped around in the sand! He then wrote the special question in the sand for all to see too… best mini break ever!!! We’re now planning our wartime wedding!



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