Herve and Jumess

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How We Met

A Friend request’ Ding “ Herve kardiya started following you “ Who would have thought that a random friend request on Instagram would be the start of a Love Story? “Thanks for the follow back “ would be the sentence that intrigued me in knowing who this mysterious guy was. After a week of looking through his page, I came across a special video of one of his song performances. I remember seeing kids getting up on stage and being so excited and joyful singing along with him. I remember smiling at my phone with so much awe. And so I messaged him some words of encouragement and from there I wanted to know more about what he does and how he does it. The conversations kept going longer and deeper day by day, and We unintentionally slept on the phone together on our first phone call. We felt safe with one another we established a foundation of honesty and trust on the get-go and so I knew I couldn’t let this one go. After 3 months of talking, He flew down to my city and asked me to be his girlfriend on my 21st birthday. With excitement, I said yes and we began our journey as boyfriend and girlfriend. Throughout that time He kept reminding me of his intentions and where he wanted to take our relationship. So after a year of being his girlfriend on 13/01/23, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him.

How They Asked

On 13/01/23 a date I thought I would just be attending my sister’s bridal shower turned out to be a planned proposal. I was told to dress really fancy for the occasion so I put on the best dress, shoes, and everything that a girl needs to look fabulous. Got picked up by my best friend and we drove down to the city as we were driving I saw a huge sign in the middle of a garden saying “Marry me”. I tapped my best friend on the shoulder and pointed at the sign outside the car window and said “ look so cute someone is getting proposed to “, she stayed quiet and we kept driving.

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We got down and started walking up to the ‘marry me sign’ I saw him standing there and I remember smiling ear to ear and asking my best friend which hand the ring goes on again. I slowly and Excitingly approached him held his hand and I could feel nothing but peace as he kept telling me how much I meant to him. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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