Herani and Nick

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Atlanta Botanical Gardens

How We Met

Nick and I met in college. Our little small town college brought us together. We worked on the same student residence hall team and became friends pretty quickly. This was not until or junior year though. Our first two years of school we knew who each other were and had seen each other on campus. Nick always says that he noticed me far before he ever met me. We were friends for a while until I realized that this guy may have an interest in me. At that point, he had already had feelings for me for a while. I will never forget when he sent me some flowers to the campus. I received them in front of a bunch of people and the card read “Will you go to spring formal with me?” I have been smitten ever since. Of course I said yes, but who would have known that wasn’t going to be the last time he asked me a very important question that I say yes too!

how they asked

Nick came into my life at a time when my heart was in pieces. I was in no way, shape, or form ready to give it to him. So he waited for MONTHS to tell me how he felt about me. He pursued me from a far by giving me what I needed- space, time, prayers, and friendship. Fast forward to the day he proposed. He took me to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens which I had been dying to go to. We were walking around for a while, when we stopped to get a snack. We got in line behind who we later found out was an elementary school teacher. This teacher was out on a Saturday with four of her students, just spending time with them. When she went to pay for her food, her credit card wasn’t working. Not thinking anything of it, I took some money out and paid for her and her students’ things. I thought it was the least I could do for this teacher that was giving so much to the community. We left and walked towards this beautiful tree covered corner in the gardens and as we were walking over, Nick says “One of the reasons I love you is because you do things like that- you serve other people. You were so worth waiting for.” Then he was on one knee and I went blank from there. Next thing I know two of our best friends popped out of the bushes where they had been taking pictures the whole time. We left and went back to my family’s house where there was a surprise engagement party waiting on us. All of our favorite people in one place to celebrate with us. The best day of my life. I still can’t believe I get to do life with this man.

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