Henry and Mariely

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How We Met

I met Mariely while we were in Highschool and I asked her about trying to set me up with her friend as I was in desperate need of a prom date. Before I knew it we were texting all day and hanging out all the time. Unfortunately at the time when we began to fall for each other Mariely had a boyfriend, however that did not stop me from want to ask her to be my prom date (as a friend of course). One day as we often did, we hung out a our local park, we sat on a bench and i decided that now was about a good a time as any to ask. I carved “Prom?” On a bench. She begrudgingly said maybe as she still had a boyfriend at the time. She eventually agreed to come, broke up with her then boyfriend and ten years later, I finally proposed to her.

how they asked

I often do not like to do grand things for my birthday, however I decided to ask Mariely to partner with my sister to plan a birthday party in the park that we so often visited, and the same place that I asked her to prom over 10 years ago through a carving on a bench. Mariely invited my family and friends not knowing that she was one of the only few individuals that did not know that I was proposing. I prompted my brother to have everyone gather at the bench that I asked Mariely to Prom for a large group photo. Holding Mariely back to the very end, when we arrived to take the photo, she saw that on the same bench over 10 years ago, where I asked her to be my prom date, I had carved “Marry Me?”

When we returned to the picnic area she was greeted by her friends including one friend that was able to fly in from New Orleans for the event.

Henry and Mariely's Engagement in Liberty State Park Jersey City New Jersey

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