HENRY and AIMY's Engagement in TAMPA, FL

How We Met

It was a typical bustling night in 2013 at The Capital Grille, the aroma of grilled steak and truffle oil lingered in the air. I was hosting and seating tables. The next reservation on the list to be seated was the ‘Gutos’ party celebrating Luke’s confirmation. Creating small-talk on the way to the table, I quickly learned that Mrs. Gutos (Anne) was waiting for her oldest son Henry to join. (Both Henry and I shared mutual friends and followed each other on Facebook but never met in person) I told Anne that I “knew” Henry. Anne’s eyes lit up and she immediately insisted that I visit him at his new apartment in Weehawken. “The view is breathtaking!” she exclaimed while scrolling through her phone for photos. Eventually, Henry made it to dinner and we exchanged phone numbers.

Months after our last encounter, Henry was home for Christmas and sent out a mass text inviting all of his friends to come over to hang out. I was one of those recipients to receive a text and ended up being the one and only one of his friends to show up! A night out with friends turned into a six-hour conversation that neither one of us wanted to end.

How They Asked

On March 19, 2018, Henry and I decided to spend our last day of vacation in Florida on a boat. Henry never piloted a boat before but Bella was the perfect size to start with. Bella was decked out with a dining table, decorative pillows, and a cute little floral arrangement. Because snacks are life, we stopped at we made sure to stop at Morton’s Gourmet Market to load up our picnic basket. Five minutes in on the boat, Henry thinks he’s going to be seasick. So we dock the boat at the nearest stop and moved our picnic to a bench in Water Works Park. We had front row seats to the sunset, it was the perfect photo-op, except, we didn’t have anyone to take our photo.

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So, Henry ran into the park to look for someone and within minutes he miraculously reappeared with Theresa Bonzelaar, owner of Encounter Photography. Theresa was actually photographing another couple when Henry found her. She was so kind and eager to take our photo. Which I thought was peculiar… Theresa greeted me and distracted me from what was about to come. As soon as I turned around to face Henry for the photo, he was on one knee! I’ve never so happy to have been spending our last day of vacation on a random bench in the park!

Special Thanks

Theresa Bonzelaar
 | Photographer