Henna and Saurabh

How We Met

Henna and Saurabh met at Henna’s siblings’ birthday celebration. Megha and Milan (Henna’s siblings) were turning 21 and had planned to celebrate their birthday together with family and friends in Edgewater, NJ. Milan had met Saurabh through a mutual friend and told him that if he wanted to come to the celebrations he could.

Saurabh didn’t want to go, but his best friend, Deep, dragged him along.

Henna’s date stood her up, but she didn’t let that bring her down.

Later that night, Henna asked Saurabh to put his number in her phone, and then brought him to the dance floor. He was taken back but was intrigued and I guess you can say the rest is history.

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How They Asked

Saurabh and Henna take a trip every year for Henna’s birthday. Every year, Saurabh takes a block leave, and with Henna teaching summer school, she blocks out time for this vacation, as well. In 2016, they traveled to Aruba; in 2017, they flew to Sint Maarten; and in 2018, they arrived in Cozumel. Henna is never aware of any plans and lets Saurabh plan each of their adventures (from UTV drives to snorkeling to cabana relaxation).

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As usual, Saurabh planned everything -even a photo tour. He gave Henna the pamphlets and Henna threw the photo tour out. “Who wants to do that?” Saurabh sneakily brought it back to the pile exclaiming how the photographers could take them to scenic places and he could take out his drone. As Henna stared at this grown child, she realized that he was right. So they planned to book it for Saturday, where, unfortunately, according to Saurabh, they were booked! So he booked it for the next day: Tuesday (this was his plan the entire time). That next morning, Henna was getting ready as Saurabh paced the room, “I was waiting for a special night for you to wear this, but since we’ve gone through all the dresses you brought with you, maybe you could wear this?” He took out a dress as Henna shook her head in disbelief, he always thinks of everything.

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Saurabh and Henna met Sasha (their photographer and guide) and they began their tour of Cozumel. Throughout the tour of each scenic spot and historical places, Sasha snapped photos. Before the last stop of their tour, they picked up Sasha’s wife, Nadine. As Sasha drove up to the restaurant, he explained how the guests were all upstairs dining so they could look out at the water. Nadine shared how the restaurant had amazing cocktails and that we would have time to have some. So they went to the dinner table full of roses and rose petals as they watched the sunset. The photographers shot away as fireworks glared in the night sky. So distracted, Saurabh had to yell Henna’s name to get her attention…

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