Henna and Chris


This story is about my best friend and her fiancé.

They met in high school and it was an instant love of first sight type of situation. However it was the type of love that would be difficult to maintain, they were both from different religions and cultures, Henna a Muslim and Chris a christian, they knew that it would be very challenging but what they felt for each other was capable of dealing with whatever was to come their way. They dated for 6 years secretly and faced many challenges and were told to stay away from each other but their love only grew stronger and stronger and they kept fighting for it. Chris one day decided to change his religion and to ask for her hand, it was such an intense moment and no one thought her dad would accept, surprisingly he was calmed and respected the love and loyalty they had for each other and allowed their relationship to continue. Coming from different cultures they had different traditions in Henna’s culture  surprise proposal didn’t exist, but she always dreamt of being proposed to and of course Chris wished to make all her dreams come true. On April 11th Chris called me to help him with his plan, to surprise her with his proposal on a breezy spring afternoon near Cherry blossoms tidal in D.C. He took her on what was suppose to be a normal dinner in and asked me to meet him up there to catch the perfect moment. He proposed in front of others and she said YES! Now they’re planning their wedding for next summer!