Henal and Kevin

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How We Met

We had been dating for almost 7 years….we met when we were new freshman at UMass Amherst and have been together through all of undergrad and medical school.

how they asked

I had been wanting him to “pop the question” for forever, but Kevin has a mind of his own. The week of the proposal, he had been coming home at around 8:30-9pm everyday…I thought it was just the gruesome hours of his clinical rotation (#medstudentproblems). Only later did I find out that he had been leaving work every day at around 6-7pm and going to the proposal site to scout out the area, most private spots, and best time of day for photos. I always thought my proposal would be the simplest thing ever, because Kevin is a simple guy. But the amount of thought and coordination that he put into making 7/14/17 the most memorable day of my life was incredible! When he got down on one knee at Tongva park, my screaming and crying cancelled out everything he was saying (thank god he recorded it all!). Our engagement photographer captured the exact moment so beautifully…I look at those pictures at least once a day, everyday. I thought I was the luckiest girl to have a boyfriend so loyal, encouraging, and respectful….but I feel like a queen now, knowing that he’s going to be my husband.

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Special Thanks

Nicole Soucy
 | Photographer