Hellen and Joshua

How We Met

We first met on 4th of July, 2 years ago… When he invited a good friend of mine who is Josh’s step-sibling – and me over for some bbq/river day out. At that time, his boat was breaking down and I was very skeptical about riding with them. There was no intention of OR even thought to get to know each other. No spark, not a wink, not a feeling, not a thing. About 8 months later, somehow I meet again at a family/friends Christmas party, which we pretty much forgot about each other being existed and somehow we hit it off and we are just inseparable since.

How They Asked

When he asked me to marry him, He said “the moment you picked up My son maverick and held him and love him as your own made me believe that you are The woman I prayed for and I know that God sent you to love on me and our son. Let’s make this last forever, Will you marry me?”

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This is just the beginning of our love story. We hope to look back to this day and just remember how our love just overcome every hardship moments we’ve come across, we are so blessed to have each other, as a supporter and a team. He is my bestfriend, my lover, my everything, and my forever. As I am his. 🥰

Special Thanks

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