Hella Maria and Andres

How We Met

Andres and I met on a cruise in Bahamas (The Norwegian Cruiseline) back in november 2012! He was there with his family to celebrate his aviation diploma and I was there with 2 girls from work just running away from cold weather in Canada. We only started talking the last day on that cruise and left home to Montréal thinking I’ll never see him again. Little did I know that he was planning to come and spend New Years Eve with my family and I! Since then, everything is just history! He went back to Colombia where he started his career as a pilot and somehow we managed to stay in a long distance relationship for the next 4 years and a half. From seeing each other every 3 months at the beginning, we now live together in Montréal for the next year while he’s based in New York City and anxiously waiting to move to Miami next year after the wedding!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Seychelles Islands

how they asked

We were on vacation and decided to go to Seychelles Islands (it’s been a dream of mine to go there)

I was completely sure that he wouldn’t pop the question on that trip because we’ve been together on soo many amazing trips that we had on our bucketlist and nothing happened. And then, on March 13th

, our last day in paradise, he told me that we should go and look for private beaches instead of just tanning. We found this nice little private beach and decided to stay there for a while. We always take drone shots while on vacation so when he told me to let’s make a drone video, I never in a million years thought he’ll propose to me that way. He helped me climb on a huge rock to make sure that I won’t be able to get down from there by myself while he was preparing his drone away from me. Again, nothing popped in my head until he flew the drone towards me and I saw the ring hanging. It took me a while to realize what was going on and I turned around and he was there on one knee asking me to be his wife forever. I was shaking and shaking and more shaking and I said yes to the love of my life.

Hella Maria and Andres's Engagement in Seychelles Islands