Helene and Kyle

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How We Met

We met in college all the way back in 2010. Kyle was my Teacher’s Assistant and after the first day of class, I came running back to the dorms. Out of breath, I exclaimed to my roommate, “I think I just met my husband!” I was right. That gut feeling was mutual because by Thanksgiving break we had met each other’s families and were inseparable.

Fast forward 6 years later, we graduated law school together and took jobs at the same office (we really don’t get sick of each other!). Kyle has been there for every major loss and accomplishment in my life the past almost decade, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How They Asked

On the second day, we were in Aruba, Kyle asked me to come, watch the sunset on the beach right before our dinner reservations. Of course I said yes! Little did I know there was a photographer and videographer hiding in the bushes. When I saw an adorable picnic set up I said, “look how beautiful!”. Kyle smiles and said, “It’s for us.” At that moment I knew what was happening and just started bawling. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the ring—it’s my fiancé’s new favorite photo!

I blacked out for a while but I know I said YES! We spent an hour on the most beautiful white sand beach taking pictures with the photographer that we will cherish forever. I can’t believe my fiancé pulled this off and can’t wait to spend forever with such an amazing partner in life.

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