Helena and Matt - His Side!

Image 1 of Helena and Matt - His Side!

How We Met: Since nothing brings people together like university Calculus, it shouldn’t be surprising that I met the love of my life in class. I (Matt) was initially oblivious to all the unsubtle hints Helena was dropping. I eventually figured things out and worked up the courage to ask for a date. After hanging out every day, our first real date involved a nice walk along Mill Lake then breakfast together.

I later transferred to UBC to finish my Mechanical Engineering degree while she remained in Abbotsford to study Biology. We played the long distance game for two years. This past summer our long distance went into extra innings, as she continued to go to school and work as a lifeguard for the summer in Abbotsford and I moved back home to Alberta to work as an engineering student in a pulp mill. With numerous red-eye drives on long weekends we managed to push through. Helena has also made several trips back east for school and to work in a research lab, needless to say we enjoy the little time we do spend together.

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how they asked: Early in January 2011, I surprised her with a trip to the Sunshine Coast for the weekend. We stayed on the water in Secret Cove, and being close enough to her birthday she expected nothing. I walked her out a distance on the rocky beach, while she wobbled in heels, and proposed on top of a large rock at sunset. Helena was totally shocked and beyond excited. Since then we have been busy finishing school and planning our wedding for just after our graduation.

Currently, our weekend visits consist of a lot of textbooks, two computers and a table; there is no one I’d rather study with. I am so fortunate to have met someone as awesome as Helena, her heart is bigger than anyone else I know. I am so excited to be married to my best friend and to put an end to this long distance relationship!

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