Helen and Daniel

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How We Met

Having recently moved back to New York from Michigan, Helen and her friends planned to meet for a reunion dinner. Being a mutual friend of Helen’s, Daniel decided to join in on their fun since he clearly had nothing better to do. It seemed like any other Saturday night for the both of them. The night went on as Helen and her friends mingled, none of which were exchanged between her and Daniel. The two actually never got the chance to talk throughout the night until it was time for everyone to part ways. Feeling adventurous, Helen, Daniel, and two other friends decided to stay up to catch the sunrise. They bought snacks from a nearby 7-eleven and headed towards Fort Totten Park. The two friends could not fight against their drowsiness and quickly fell asleep in the car, leaving only Helen and Daniel to keep each other awake. As they watched the sunrise together, they felt the warmth of the sun touch their hearts for each other. And just like that, they were in for the most life-changing love ride of their lives.

how they asked

For a few months, Daniel envisioned and arranged everything to be set perfectly so that it would be a moment Helen would never forget. He thought the hardest part would be planning the event and keeping it a secret from her. Little did he know that he would face an even bigger hurdle: actually proposing. On Sunday, July 31, 2016, Daniel tricked Helen into going to Yonkers Pier for someone’s birthday celebration. With his palms sweating and his rehearsed lines running through his mind, Daniel walked Helen over to the pier to wait for a friend. As the proposal time drew near, his nerves took over. He began asking the silliest questions: “Look over there, do you think that’s Jersey? Is that the George Washington Bridge?” With a clear look of confusion and annoyance attached to her voice, Helen replied that she did not know since it was her first time visiting the area. Taking this as his cue, Daniel pointed her towards the bridge again. She, then, turned back around to see Daniel kneeling and asking her one last question, “Will you marry me?”

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Nervousness and excitement filled the air as their engagement became a reality. Unsure of what was to happen next, both Helen and Daniel spent the next few moments staring and giggling at each other. Was he suppose to put on the ring while on bended knee or standing up? Was she suppose to take the box and put on the ring herself? These were questions running through Daniel’s mind at that moment, but the one question he confidently knew the answer to was Helen saying YES to spending the rest of their lives together!

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