Helen and Tylor

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How We Met

Tylor and I went to college together in San Diego and although we had mutual friends, we actually never really talked to each other until our Grad Night! Our friends were all hanging out next to each other so we ended up talking. We hit it off, but we never exchanged numbers. About a week later, a post of his popped up on my Facebook feed and so I decided to message him through there. He responded and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him. That was our first date, almost two years ago, and we haven’t turned back from there!

how they asked

Today was April Fool’s day, but it was no joke. Tylor and I went on a hike with his mom and sister while visiting in Oregon. We had our dogs and his family’s new Doberman puppy with us. We were taking photos and Tylor gave the camera to his mom to take a picture of us on this cute little bridge. Although we have talked about getting engaged soon, I just assumed it would be around our 2-year anniversary in May. Little did I know, it would be during our road trip to look at places to move to in Oregon! We took a photo of me on Tylor’s back and then as soon as I hopped off, he was down on his knee. I was so surprised it took me a few moments to say “yes, of course!”

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As a personal trainer, I created an ebook called Shred before you Wed for brides to be to become healthy and fit before their wedding day! I guess it’s my own time to “shred before I wed!” haha!

I love this man so much and I am so excited for the future we have planned together!
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