Helen and Joe

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How We Met

It was Memorial Day weekend 2014 after finishing up my first year of dental school. I had just finished taking my dental boards so my friend convinced me to go with her to Fort Pierce for the weekend to celebrate with a bunch of my classmates. Joe, who was 2 years ahead of me in school, happened to be there with his classmates as well, as we had some mutual friends. While boating that first day out on the water, my friend Sarah and I were sunbathing and napping on the top of the boat when I heard Joe ask my classmate about me.

We instantly became friends that summer. I would pick his brain about school and have him help me with little projects we had in dental school. I would call him my “friend with dental benefits” haha. He eventually asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest was history.

how they asked

Joe moved away to work after graduating so we had been doing long distance for over a year. We had discussed marriage for a few months now so I had been expecting it to come sometime during my last year of school. I spent my whole winter break from school with Joe. He would hint again here and there but never firmly saying when. He told me that he made fancy dinner plans for my last night with him. He wanted us to be dressed up since dinner would be at a really nice restaurant and he wanted it to be special. It was January 1st, the first day of the new year, we were on the way to dinner when he decided to take a detour to “look at the nice houses out on the river”. We were early for our reservations and this was something he typically did so I was not suspicious…yet.

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As we pulled up to the garden overlooking the river, I saw the cars of my family members and I instantly knew.. I turned to him as he parked saying “I know what you’re about to do” with my eyes tearing up at this point. He tried to play it off and said “what are you talking about? Let’s go take a picture”. After seeing his eyes tear up, I repeated myself, while balling, “I know what you’re about do”.

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After he convinced me to get out of the car, we walked past the garden, onto the stage and with orchestra music playing, I see a sign saying “Marry me”.

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With the sun setting behind us, he got down on his knee and said the most beautiful words asking for my hand.

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After containing myself, I said YES!

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My whole family was there to witness the whole event. I later found out they had been helping Joe plan this for months. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, and everything was simply perfect. RINGing in 2017 with a fiance and the love of my life.

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