Helen and Jerry

How We Met

It was late 2010 when I started going to her church, I met all her friends before I met her. I remember going home after my first day at that new church and sending out a friend request to all the church members, obviously it included her. A few weeks later I was invited to her best friend’s house for a movie night with the rest of the youth, that night I met the love of my life. I remember arriving and she was the first and only person I saw. Something about her deep-set eyes drew my attention and deep inside I knew she would be in my life forever. As the movie started everyone took a seat, without her permission I decided to sit right next to her. During the movie my heart dared me to tickle her, having her look at me with a cute smile and some sparkling eyes meant so much. How could a stranger make my heart feel right at home? Half way through the movie she fell asleep, I though to myself “how beautiful”. The time passed and the following December, after one year of friendship, one year of building trust, one year of caring for someone else more than myself I asked her to be my girlfriend. That was one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life.

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how they asked

We made it a tradition to go ice skating every year in December, this December he had something else in mind and not just your average ice skating date. I remember driving over and he was a bit bothered with the rain, I wondered why if for years we planned on kissing under the rain and this would finally be our chance. It was a bit of an inti . midating rain, since it hardly rains here in Souther California. Anyways, on our way we were to Downtown Los Angeles, the place to be in December with the perfect holiday spirit. We began to skate around the Christmas tree, I found it a bit weird that he did not allow us to take a break. After a few rounds he left me skating on my own and he said he wanted to skate a little faster without me. Really? So I don’t skate fast enough?

He disappeared in between the rest of the people skating and all of a sudden the holiday songs stop playing and I hear Marry Me by Jason Derulo. I went around and got to my then boyfriend, he was holding a huge bouquet with blush roses, white garden roses and white peonies; my favorite combination. I then knew I was about to answer the most important question of our life. I was still in shock, i had not noticed our dozens of family member watching and the rest of the 300 people who paused to watch him. As we got closer to each other i giggled saying “oh my gosh, you’re kidding” and that is when I realized he had a microphone. The world felt as if it paused as he told me nice things and handed me the flower. As soon as I got the flowers from him he reach into his pocket and pulled out a silver box. This was it, he got on one knee and using my full name he asked “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. I couldn’t stop giggling, I was so nervous. With one huge hug I leaned over and I SAID YES.<

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