Helen and Donny

How We Met

I will never forget the first day I met Donny. When I saw him my heart skipped a beat. I knew instantly without even being introduced yet that he would be the man I spend forever with. We didn’t even have our first Hello yet but I knew I wanted to get to know him.

We clicked right away, and he would always make me laugh and smile. Our friendship developed quickly and we always had a great time at work.

I then got the courage to ask him to see a concert with me because I had an extra ticket and to my surprise he said “I’ll think about it.” And then the next day changed his answer to “Do you still have that ticket available, cause I want to go.” Needless to say I was thrilled he wanted to hang out with me outside of work.

That concert was an adventure and one for the books, a first date to remember.

Finally 3 years later we are still best friends, supporting each other, and always getting the other person to laugh! We are excited to share our life with the people we love most.

how they asked

After a 3 yr anniversary that didn’t go as planned, from a gift that broke to a restaurant we usually love serving bad food, I was very disappointed and we said we needed a re-do anniversary. So the next day I came home from work and knew my bf was cleaning with his day off. So I headed to our room and the door was shut so I thought “man he must of polished and vacuumed as well” I opened up the door and was so surprised..

All over the room were (poorly shaped) cut-out hearts, Christmas lights strung around the ceiling, candles, and a picture of my mom we keep in our room who died 7 yrs ago from cancer the day after I graduated from high school. So I honestly didn’t think a proposal was following because we were going to have a re-do anniversary (and we do small things all the time to show how much we care for each-other). Next thing I know is Donny hits record and starts telling me how much he loves me and then it happens. My best friend proposed to me and all I could say was “Oh my God” over and over. And I was in shock that I didn’t see it coming.

Then when the video was off and I got myself together I realized the picture of my mom was not in its usual place but rather facing us so she wouldn’t miss the moment I talked to her about all the time. When I realized this I collapsed to the floor and sobbed into the carpet because it was such a sweet touch that made me feel incredibly blessed to have Donny in my life.

Special Thanks

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