Helen and David

How We Met: David and I met as freshmen at UC Davis when we lived in the same dorm. I quickly wrote him off because he was not my type. He convinced me to go on a date and although it was fun, it still did not change my mind and we agreed to remain friends. Despite the rejection, for the next few months he still continued to go out of his way to make me feel special.

I have a big sweet tooth and occasionally I would come back to my dorm with Skittles or chocolate waiting for me on my desk. When I stayed out late on the balcony talking on the phone, he’d bring me a jacket to keep me warm. After getting to know each other better, I slowly started to see through his tough exterior that he was genuinely the biggest sweetheart and I admired his strong will.

Fate eventually had its way and we started dating, and as they say, the rest is history. Our love has grown with us over the past 8 years, through graduating from our alma mater, beginning our careers, countless adventures, but not without challenges – including 3 years of long distance while I went to pharmacy school in Utah. He supports all my dreams without fail and is my perfect complement, the yin to my yang – I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life with anybody else.

Image 1 of Helen and David

Image 2 of Helen and David

how they asked: I made it no secret to David that I wanted our proposal to be documented – and by that, I’d meant a friend or two hiding in the bushes snapping a few photos of the surprise. I also mentioned wanting a very low-key proposal, with not many people around.

Image 3 of Helen and David

Although I should’ve known that, being the romantic David is, he’d go above and beyond anything I’d ever imagined. Now that it’s happened, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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It was in the middle of my final year of pharmacy school when David popped the question. I did not see it coming since we had always planned to get engaged after I graduated from pharmacy school. However, it was perfect timing. I was back home in San Francisco for 6 weeks for one of my pharmacy rotations. Earlier that week, I interviewed for a pharmacist position in the Bay Area and was hired! Meaning I would be moving home after graduation and long-distance would finally be coming to an end.

Image 5 of Helen and David

In January, David told me he wanted to take me out for Valentine’s Day a few weeks early to avoid the crowds and also because I would be back in Utah on the actual day. Again, it is in his nature to be super romantic and thorough in his plans, so I did not think anything of it. Before dinner, he suggested we take a walk through Golden Gate Park and why not?! It was a gorgeous, sunny 75 degree day in January. As we approached the Music Concourse, David led me up onto the empty stage to take a photo and one of our favorite John Legend songs started playing.

Seconds later, both our families would come out from behind the stage and I noticed a film crew around us documenting everything. At that moment, I knew what was about to happen and couldn’t contain the waterworks. I was absolutely floored and could not believe my eyes as eventually over 100 of our family and friends come out from behind the stage, in perfect coordination with the music. Some had even traveled hundreds of miles to be there to share in our special moment.

Image 6 of Helen and David

I looked at the crowd in front of us and every single one of our loved ones was smiling right back at us, some of them holding signs with our photos. My heart could’ve burst from all the love. As music faded out, David got down on knee and asked me to marry him. To which of course, I said yes! Even now, I can’t believe how flawless the moment was and I am so happy we were able to share it with our loved ones. The proposal was the happiest moment of my life and more perfect than anything I could’ve dream of.

Photos and Video by: The Film Squad