Helen and Ben


How We Met

I met Ben the week I came home from college. I had just graduated from Albany University in New York and was planning on moving to California. They always say you’ll meet The One when you least expect it. And it couldn’t be more true. I was planning to move with no strings attached and Ben kept reminding me that he didn’t want a girlfriend…that lasted about a week. After those two months at home we spent dating we decided we should probably give long distance a try. So we did coast to coast for about a year. Ben’s company wouldn’t let him move to California, but they would let him move to Dallas. So I quit my job, packed my things, and we headed to the Lonestar state. Best decision of my life. The stars at night really are big and bright and I get to spend the rest of my life with the one that shines the brightest.

how they asked

It was a couple days before Ben’s birthday, but he was going out of town for work so we thought we’d celebrate a little early and go out to dinner. I took a wrong turn to the restaurant after leaving the office and was running late. Ben said it wasn’t a problem and he would just wait on the roof top and have a drink until I got there. I’m racing down the sidewalk to get there and I run up to the roof to find him and he’s standing next to the fireplace and grabs my hands and said “Helen I need you to listen to me and to remember this moment”.


Of course I was in shock and don’t remember anything he said after that. After I said yes all of our friends were waiting at a bar across the street and came over to celebrate. It was a beautiful spot and an amazing memory.