Heivi and Edgar

How We Met

Heivi and I both grew up in Los Angeles attending neighboring schools, traversing adjacent spaces and sharing overlapping networks. But, we never actually met or even knew each other until both moved back to LA after many years away from completing their graduate studies. One a dentist and the other an attorney, it was a potential miss nearing malpractice levels if it wasn’t for our shrewd group of friends that put the seemingly unlikely pair together despite our shared LA origin.

Both tenacious, smart and unrelenting (a dangerous combo indeed), it was in and through each other (and through our differences) that we were able to actually discover a wonderfully shared softer side to life with a joy that had eluded us by ourselves for so long.

how they asked

When it came time to memorialize the obvious, I whisked Heivi away to the quiet resort of Pedregal on the less busier Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas (with a world-class spa to boot) to propose to her on the beach at sunset (after hours of practicing with our personal concierge as Heivi’s stand-in, of course).

And from there was the whirlwind to plan the wedding in less than 5 months! With the help of family, friends and diligently balancing our busy work schedules to prioritize the wedding of their dreams (mainly Heivi’s), we were able to pull-off a picturesque outdoor wedding at the beautiful Hartley Botanica gardens.

The event was a slice of simple elegance lending themselves to tropes of timeless beauty: a venue filled with flowers performing an ode to the first days of spring with soft, meandering French bistro music (and bistro lights) emanating throughout; ornate blank picture frames hanging whimsically throughout for the perfect DIY insta/snap selfie to accompany the photo booth and many other photo ops dotting the vast botanical garden; the hanging flowers, lanterns, and rustic elements to ground intimacy into the classic motifs.

But, above all else, was the vigilant work of Andy Seo – ever present not just to document the event itself, but to direct its participants and even the decor, lighting and mood (it seemed even the flowers and weather acquiesced to his commands) to actually make the spectacle and capture the most unique and breathtaking of shots.

Special Thanks

Andy Seo Studio