Heidi and Adam

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How We Met

Adam and I met at a Greek leadership retreat my freshman year of college called “Empower”. I lived for retreats and all things leadership, and so did he. I whispered to one of my friends that I thought he was “so precious” and then she introduced us. Little did I know, that retreat would go on to mean so much to us as a couple. Adam asked me to his fraternity bus trip, and I was giddy with excitement. Although we still weren’t dating yet, I was smitten.

The next year I was on the retreat committee, and Adam was in charge of the retreat. I spent the whole year trying to play it cool, but hoping that Adam and I could spark a connection. Time went on and summer was upon us. I was insanely busy as New Member Director of my sorority. Adam and I started rekindling (or rather, igniting the flame) and he offered to bring me late night Icees and treats during the stressful recruitment weeks. We then started hanging out more regularly and finally, we made it official.

We had the time of our lives living out the rest of our college years. Everything from game day to semi formal, bus trips, (with little “school” in the mix). Adam and I both graduated in May 2017 and went on to internships and graduate school. I loved that year of our lives the most. We both [finally] lived in our own different apartments. We enjoyed cooking together, having movie nights, and just being together. We enjoyed all of the freedoms of post-grad life, but still had our college community vibe.

Fast-forward to Summer, 2017. I graduated graduate school, and Adam finished his internship. We both accepted job offers in New Orleans. Adam at an accounting firm, and myself at a Catholic school. One of my good friends got into PT school, and needed a roommate, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Adam and I both made the move to New Orleans over the summer.

Adam and I love living in New Orleans. Our friends are here and we get to explore all of the culture and charm of the city we love. We look forward to making many memories here in the years to come!

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how they asked

I wouldn’t say it started out as a normal day, because it certainly did not. Adam and I planned to go on a day-date to Oak Alley plantation, down the road from New Orleans. My mother and family grew up going to Oak Alley to visit, as it was near my grandparents’ house. Adam and I are both history buffs, so we were looking forward to learning something new and having a fun date day. We visited Oak Alley last year and decided right then and there to make it a yearly Christmas tradition–not to mention the Christmas decorations are amazing. We decided that the 23rd of December would be perfect-right before Christmas and right after I got out of school for break.

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The weather was not looking good for our date day. 80% chance of rain for WEEKS. I told Adam that I definitely didn’t want to go if it was raining. He disagreed, saying “Oh, it’ll look beautiful in the rain.” I should’ve known right then and there. As the day got closer, the chance of rain went down to 5%-a sign! In the morning, Adam picked me up for coffee and beignets, a great start to our Christmas date day.

After beignets, I got ready and Adam picked me up to head to Oak Alley. Looking back, he was totally cool, calm, and collected the whole drive there. Although, he did keep saying he had to go to the bathroom…maybe that was a sign of nerves. As soon as we arrived, we went straight to lunch. Adam went to the “bathroom”…aka went to do some very important texting to the people who all knew and were waiting on the edge of their seats for the news.

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We (I) enjoyed a delicious lunch. Adam barely touched his burger, he said he had a “stomachache”. LIAR! The waitress even asked him if something was wrong with the burger. Meanwhile, I had no trouble eating my delicious shrimp pasta. After we had lunch, we ventured on to the gift shop. Little did I know, Adam was trying to buy time. We looked at EVERY single item in the gift shop. From the cook books to the paintings, we saw it all. I still had no suspicion because Adam was being so calm.

After we shopped, I was ready to take the plantation tour and go to the front of the house. Oak Alley is famous for it’s oak-lined alley of trees, which makes for a breathtaking view. One of the Oak Alley staff members announced that there would be a presentation for about 20 minutes about one of the exhibits. I did NOT want to go, but Adam insisted. We sat around and listened, and honestly I don’t remember a thing. I was bored and nervous that we were wasting daylight! Finally, Adam suggested we go to the front of the house and get in line for the tour. HOORAY!

We took our time walking to the front, and took a few pictures along the way. Adam was again, trying to buy time. Finally, we walked around to the front of the house. It was pretty crowded. As Adam and I started to walk down the alley way, he slowed down. I thought he was letting some of the crowds pass by, but I was mistaken.

He stopped and took both of my hands and suddenly the crowds didn’t exist and my heart began to race. He looked into my eyes and began sharing sweet words about our life together and excitement for the future. When it finally hit me that this was happening-the tears began to form. “Heidi Joan Pittman, will you marry me?” The image of Adam on one knee offering me the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen is one I hope to never forget. I could replay it a thousand times in my mind and still get goosebumps. It was the perfect moment. It was everything I could have imagined it would be and more. Personal and intimate, but extravagant all at the same time.

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As if it wasn’t perfect enough, out popped a hidden photographer. Not to mention she is one of my favorite photographers and a Phi Mu sister :) Brooke ran to give hugs and share in our exciting moment. Not only was she there, but her sweet fiancé was there to capture it all on video. We then were able to take photos with Brooke all around the beautiful plantation-it was perfect.

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Halfway through our pictures, Adam ran to his car to get a bottle of champagne that the jeweler had given him. We popped it open and toasted to our exciting new life together.

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As if that wasn’t enough excitement..there were more surprises in store. Adam promised me that we had dinner reservations at a local restaurant that we’d both been dying to try. However….when we arrived at my apartment before, both of our families and all of our friends were there to share in the excitement. I was SHOCKED. People traveled far and wide to be with us for the exciting day and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends who made us feel so loved on our special day!

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Special Thanks

Brooke Boyd
 | Photographer