Heaven and Ross

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how they asked

We had been together for over 3 years before we started looking at engagement rings. We visited multiple jewelers and jewelry stores. A few months had passed, and nothing had happened. I noticed some of my friends were avoiding certain topics, more specifically the “E” word. We had a trip planned to New York City, and I just knew it had to be during our trip. I am very much a planner, and had planned our entire trip….so I thought I’d know the time and minute of where it would be because he would have planned it. Well, little did I know he had been working with a local photographer and had it all arranged. Everything was as normal, and by day three nothing had happened! I knew something was up that morning when we were going to the Brooklyn Bridge. I was convinced he was going to ask me through a blimp or a flash mob. We went to a local coffee shop, where we had gotten a bite to eat. After we were finished he went back inside before we headed on our way. He was taking an unusual amount of time, but I hadn’t thought much of it.

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We take our Uber ride over to the bridge, and nothing was going exactly as planned. There was a bike race that day, so traffic was terrible and we had to be dropped off a distance away from the entry to the bridge. I had suggested taking Citi bikes, but there were none around, which was all part of his plan. As we were walking across the bridge, I’m looking into the sky or for large crowds of people; because I’m still convinced it’s a flash mob or blimp. I see a crowd, and as we approach them, I realize we’re walking past them.

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I see a photographer, but again we go past him. I was completely oblivious that he was actually following us. Ross pulls me to the side, at what appeared to be a random place on the bridge, and he proposes. We stopped with the perfect back drop of the Manhattan skyline, and the photographer caught our perfect moment! Still being oblivious, I thought it was a coincidence that a photographer caught the moment!

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Special Thanks

Tim Morrish
 | Photographer