Heaven and Darius

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How We Met

We met when I was in 8th grade and he was in 9th. Following that day we became social media friends and would just speak or chat in passing whenever we saw one another as we went to different schools in different districts. Then New Years’ Eve 2014 we were at the same New Years’ Eve party. I was a Senior in High School and he had just returned back to Texas from completing his first semester of college in Arkansas. The following day, 1-1-15, we claim that as the day we began dating. It’s funny because, ironically, earlier in the day of the NYE party, I had added him on Snapchat and after the party he messaged me and we have never stopped talking since then. We began talking nonstop and spending our weekends together because he had transferred to Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. He was nothing short of charming, intelligent, and kind so much so that, it frightened me how great he was. After about three months of dating, I ghosted him for like a week. Yup, that’s right. I feel shame to say it now but I had completely stopped talking to him because I thought he was too good to be true! I was not going to let myself be swindled in any way. As you can infer, that did not last long. He reassured me that he was the real deal and did not enter my life to play with me. We laugh about that story now. To highlight our personalities, I am very much so an introvert and observer and he is extrovert and very outgoing. We balance out one another. I soon graduated high school and moved to attend college at Texas State University. My move placed us about 4 hours apart. We did long distance for a year and a half, spending weekends together when we could and lots of FaceTime calls. He then transferred to Texas State University to be with me in August 2016. We experienced college together both majoring in Business Administration with Communication minors. College together has been fun more than anything. We have both grown and developed as individuals and created some pretty awesome businesses. We are entrepreneurs at heart. I own TIER & Company a Wedding and Events Hair and Makeup Company as well as a Hair Extension and Faux Lash e-commerce store. He is a talented barber with his own shop in North Austin, The Premium Fade League. He specializes in Men’s Haircuts, Beard Shaping, Facials, and more! He is quite business savvy. We seriously laugh and talk like best friends. We never get tired of one another. Funny but important, we actually went to the same elementary school when I was in kindergarten and he was in first grade and lived in the same complex when my family and I first moved to the city. We did not know this until we were a couple of years into dating. I think it was always meant by God for us to be together! He graduated college in 2019 then in 2020 it was my turn, but the COVID-19 pandemic had other plans for commencement.

How They Asked

5-15-2020 would have been the day I walked the stage as a college graduate to receive my Business Degree. I have the degree of course, but the ceremony was and is canceled due to social distancing guidelines and the COVID-19 Pandemic. I still decided that I would use this day to take some graduation photos for memories on campus. I booked a photographer, picked out my outfits, and was all set to take some grad pictures. The morning of, Darius actually woke up at 8:00 A.M to cut his hair and get ready so that by the time I woke up he would not be in my way as I got ready for my photos. Isn’t he so thoughtful?! That is him on the daily!

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My pictures were not until 1:00 PM. I got ready and he could tell that I was not the most cheerful because graduation was canceled and after years of studies, all college-goers look forward to this day. He told me he was going over to his best friend’s house while I was getting ready. It was totally believable because he lives close by when in actuality, he was ring shopping! His plan was to propose on his birthday in October when we went home to celebrate so all our family and friends could be there. But, he tossed and turned in his sleep the night before and woke up with it on his heart, that today was the day he would propose. He called around to see which jewelry stores were open, showed them a picture of rings that I like, and asked them for one as close as possible. He purchased the ring, talked to my dad, received his blessing and he was ready! My dad actually called me after he talked to Darius, to congratulate me again on graduating and telling me that this is not how I anticipated this day but enjoy my pictures and make the most of the moment.

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The time then came for pictures. We arrived on campus and met with the photographer. I am pretty chill and a level headed person so not much surprises me. I began taking the pictures and by the time we were outside, and hour and a half into the shoot, I was hot, hangry, and ready to be done with posing. Texas heat is no joke! I was standing in front of the notorious Texas State University Arch when the photographer was directing me how to pose and turn then he said “face the arch” and when I did there he was on one knee.

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I was SHOCKED. I could not believe what I was seeing. The first thing I said was “what are you doing?!” while smiling so hard. He then popped his question “Do you want to marry me?” “UM YEAHHHHH!!” My hand was shaking as he put the ring on. He got a little choked up and tried to hold his tears back. I was emotional the entire rest of the day.

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Then I made him pose for more pictures. I love every photo and the video our friends took that was there. He was great as coordinating an outfit to match mine as we were anticipating to get a photo together anyway for memories as we did when he graduated. The love and congrats we have been receiving has been amazing and overwhelming. We are so appreciative.

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Special Thanks

Darnell Porter
 | Photographer