Heaven and Chris

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How We Met

It all started with a game of kickball in 2012…

Chris played baseball and I was on the softball team at our high school. On a random Friday after practice, our coaches decided we were going to play kickball to end the week. I saw Chris for the first time there and texted my friend on the baseball team the second that practice was over. He told me who Chris was, and advised me that he was really shy.

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Flashforward to 2013, we had talked a few times, but it never really went anywhere. Over the summer before Junior Year, we started texting and face timing every single day. By the time the school year started, we were together. On October 8, 2013, he asked me to be his girlfriend. He has been my best friend through high school, college, and graduate school. We’ve navigated so many major life changes together and always came out stronger.

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How They Asked

My friend Emily is a photographer and it isn’t uncommon for her to text me and ask if she can take photos of Chris and I. I thought nothing of it when she texted me on a random Friday and asked if I wanted to take some photos on that upcoming Sunday. I told Chris, and he said “another photoshoot?” and groaned a little. Little did I know he had been texting Emily the entire time to plan this…

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On that Sunday, we decided to take photos at a park in New Smryna Beach, Florida. I had created a cute picnic set-up because Emily wanted me to do a styled shoot. I was honestly clueless that he was going to propose since I didn’t think he had the ring or that he would do it that day! We even brought our golden retriever, Zeke to get some family photos done (we are those dog parents).

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Towards the end when I was cleaning up, Chris somehow managed to sneak a tag on Zeke that said “Will you marry Dad?”. My friend Emily said she wanted to get one more photo of the three of us, and Chris looked at me and told me to look at Zeke’s collar. I saw it and immediately started laughing and jumping up and down. I didn’t believe him at first, but once he got on one knee, it all became real! I couldn’t believe that after eight years I was finally engaged to my best friend!

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Special Thanks

Emily Ung
 | Photographer