Heather and Sean

How We Met

Both of us were utilizing online dating and on July 12th, 2018…

Sean: Hey, I’m willing to lie about how we met… haha kidding.
You seem like a really outgoing person, I admire that. Cute smile too :-) Anywho, I’d like to get to know you better!
Let me know if you’re interested,

Heather: Hey Sean,
Lol, thanks. You seem very driven- I try to surround myself with people who are self-motivated. I would be interested in getting to know each other better. What would tell you more about me- a) the last restaurant I tried or b) which late-night news host I enjoy the most? I look forward to hearing from you!

He asked me out—I insisted upon a phone date prior to the meeting. We talked for an hour, it was so natural. An in-person date was requested. We met at Uncommon Grounds in Uptown Minneapolis and we spent time by the Lake of the Isles, I was charmed. The third date at Amazing Thailand was followed by Sean reading me his favorite children’s book at Mager & Quinn Booksellers. That night Sean decided I was the one. At a best friend’s wedding, he told me I was on on August 19th.

How They Asked

Sean took us up to Duluth for a mini vacation. While on the road north, Sean wanted to see how many miles were left in the tank displayed on his dash, I reached for the manual. “Why is the glovebox locked?”, “Um… I’m not sure” internally saying “Oh my gosh!”. I ran in at a stop for coffee. When I came back the glovebox was unlocked and the manual was sitting on the captain’s seat. Our first stop in Duluth is Va Bene Cafe and meandered around the downtown-waterfront picking up items for a picnic. Sean was really focused on spending time on a beach.

We made it to 12th St Beach after sunset and enjoyed our morsels on a blanket, tucking ourselves in between the large branches of driftwood. After snuggling close while reflecting on the last year Sean suggested we go back to the hotel to my dismay.

We were packing up in the dark and Sean asked to borrow my phone for light after dropping something (his was back in the car). I stood up to brush the sand off and heard my name. Turning I saw him kneeling with the light shining on a small box. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

I said “Yes!”, a thousand times.

The next morning we returned to take some pictures.