Heather and Will

Where to Propose in In the National Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

How We Met

It was 2010 and I just graduated high school and that September I would be off to Rhode Island to attend Johnson & Wales University. And I’m so happy I did that year my freshman year I met my best friend Will. We were introduced by my roommate who at the time worked the front desk of our dorm and there a behold was also Will. One day she asked me to come down and bring her ice cream and I’m like sure why not and next to my roommate is Will who also felt the need to chime in and say he wanted some too after a few minutes I was pretty much on my way to get him some ice cream even when we first met he was demanding.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In the National Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In the National Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

After that it was history we became best friends we would do our weekly mall trips accompanied by us getting our favorite Chinese or in his case popeyes ( personally not a fan) slowly our friendship turned into something else the next thing you know we are dating and my senior year moving in together in our small little apartment in Rhode Island. After we both graduated we went back to my home state Delaware and slowly saved and purchase our first home together and now we are getting married on May 26 and I honestly am so happy I decided to get him ice cream that day because I gained a best friend and the love of my life.

Heather's Proposal in In the National Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

Proposal Ideas In the National Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

How They Asked

My engagement was perfect for me all the way around. We went on our first trip abroad we decided to go to Puerto Rico since that is where most of my family is from/ resides. The day after is Wills birthday my family had planned this trip to go hiking in the rain forest in El Yunque which is the islands national rain forest. I also want to add that before I left he kept pushing for me to put makeup on to hike? strange right but in the end, it totally made me happy so glad he knows me so well. But back to the story my parents wanted to take the will to see the waterfalls and plant life and honestly I was just so excited to go I just love that place. Do keep in mind our hike was about 5ish miles up and down cliffs and around waterfalls so it’s not something that is done in 20 minutes. So we get to the entrance and park the car and start our adventure which at the time I thought I was in shape but I guess not haha it took me a little while longer than I thought.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In the National Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

So let’s speed it up we are hiking taking photos and enjoying the views and we stop at the first waterfall and we realize it’s super crowded so we can’t even go swimming bummer right? not really we hike a little further up and we are at the top of the waterfall and it’s beautiful it almost was like a little tidal pool so of course I have to go in and that’s exactly what I did and do keep in mind I made my family go in.

So once we are done having fun and put on our clothes I notice something shiny on the ground I get extremely excited because people find things all the time up their well I wasn’t as lucky but I found a metal pin and turn around to show everyone and that’s when it happened Will goes into his backpack and drops to one knee and pops the question I honestly just started crying I was so happy and so moved that I just said Yes! and that’s how my best friend popped the question and yes for those of you asking we did finish the hike.

Heather and Will's Engagement in In the National Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

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