Heather and Tyler

How We Met

We met in college at the University of Vermont. We lived in the same building and had a few classes together. Although we were just friends in college, I had a huge crush on him for sure! We stayed in touch after college and throughout grad school while living in different states. Eventually we reconnected when I was visiting for the Vermont City Marathon. We hit it off instantly and dated long distance for a year until he convinced me to move back to Vermont!

How They Asked

Tyler did such a great job surprising me with the proposal. I had no idea that he had the ring IN OUR APARTMENT for 3 months before he proposed. In hindsight, I probably should have sensed something was happening when he suggested that we go away for a romantic spa weekend at TopNotch resort in Stowe, VT. Especially when the next day he said he had booked the room (that level of follow through is suspicious! Sorry Tyler!). He took me to dinner at Michael’s on The Hill and after the most delicious meal, I noticed that he was starting to get a little squirmy (again, sorry Tyler!). He got down on one knee, showed me the ring and before he could even say anything I screeched “OMG BABE WHAT IS THAT?!?!” in the middle of this fine dining establishment… Unphased, he asked if I would marry him and I of course said yes (and proceeded to ugly cry). The 19 year old version of me would have been so excited to know that this was in my future.


Special Thanks

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