Heather and Trent

How We Met

Being the wonderful 21st century that it is, we turned to a dating app to find love. Trent had been on a few first dates, while I had just been persuaded to download the dreaded dating app for the first time. Trent was the first and last person I met on that app. We have been together ever since that very first date 2 years ago.

How They Asked

I now know after the fact, that Trent planned to propose on our trip to Italy that was scheduled for May of 2020. COVID19 interrupted our travel plans, so we then decided to plan a hiking trip in Colorado for our anniversary in July, where Trent would try the proposal there. Well…once more, the pandemic stepped in our way and Trent was put on travel restriction by the military. All travel plans out the window, we booked a last minute hotel at the beach nearby and Trent called our friend Pevee to photograph the entire proposal. I had no idea this was going to happen! Before our walk, Trent was acting a bit weird but I honestly just thought he was getting hangry and in a hurry to have dinner. Trent took me on a beautiful sunset stroll along the beach and the next thing I know he was down on one knee. Of course I said YES! There was a beautiful picnic, charcuterie board, and champagne waiting for us. Pevee captured all of the feelings and beauty of that day in the photos she took.

Special Thanks

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