Heather and Stephen

How We Met

Our story begins over five years ago now. Steve and I met in a bar. My best friend, Jenna and I were there enjoying what was then a normal Saturday night for us when Steve walked into the bar in a three piece suit (he had come from a wedding). Jenna at the time had been seeing one of Steve’s good friends, and we were introduced. We chatted a little and found out we both had a love for Penn State and the NY Giants and although it took him over two months to finally ask me out on our first date, I knew there was something different about him. On our first date, Steve picked me up from my parent’s house and to my surprise actually knocked on the door and politely introduced himself to my parents (big thumbs up from my Dad on that one). He took me to Antionetta’s and picked me up my favorite bottle of white, Santa Margarita. Although I did NOT give Steve a good night kiss and he thought he blew the first date, we have been together ever since. He made it official at my first NY Giants game (Giants vs. Atlanta which was the start to a Giants Super Bowl win that year!).

how they asked

Fast forward 4 years later (yes, 4) Steve and I planned a trip to Disney for my birthday. We both love Disney and Steve is just a big kid at heart. This would make our third trip to the happiest place on earth together. We spared no expense and wanted to make this a trip of a lifetime, starting with staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge where I woke up to giraffes right outside our hotel balcony every morning. Unfortunately though the day before we were supposed to leave, New Jersey got hit with the biggest snow storm of the season (our luck). When we finally made it down to Disney, it rained for the first few days but lucky for us this allowed us to get on every attraction with no problem! The entire time we were there, all I kept telling Steve was that I did not have any recent pictures of us and all I wanted out of the trip was a nice picture of us in front of the castle for me to frame. On the morning of my birthday, the skies were finally clear and it was beautiful outside. Steve suggested we finally go get my picture (I thought he was just trying to shut me up about getting this picture). We scoped out a good spot for the photographer to take the picture and after a few clicks of the camera, Steve got down on one knee and I nearly died of shock. The greatest part was the photographer captured the entire thing which are pictures I will cherish forever! By the time I finally said yes (I totally grabbed the ring first) there was a giant crowd around us cheering and clapping. It was hands down the best moment in the best place on earth

Image 1 of Heather and Stephen