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how we met

Complicated… how much time do you have?? Some eight years ago Heather and I gathered alongside a mutual friend at a screening for one of his films in Los Angeles. We were both in rather serious relationships at the time with other people but all posed for a picture together to commemorate the event. Six years passed and I came across a picture of Heather and our mutual friend (he and I were now roommates and had become the best of friends). Very simply, I was taken aback by how disarmingly gorgeous Heather was in the picture and asked my buddy where she was, what she was doing, and above all…if she was single!!!! She was still in a serious relationship at the time and I was forced to sit on my hands. Maybe two or three years later my buddy got a new job at a bar in LA and who happened to work there????? A now SINGLE Heather. I asked for her number shortly before Christmas and planned to call her and ask her out after a quick trip home to Boston for the Holiday…That wasn’t good enough. On January 29th while in a cab back from LAX I received a message from Heather asking me if I was ever going to use that number I’d asked for… we’ve been together ever since.

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how they asked

I spent months planning the proposal. Heather and I live in LA (I’m from Boston, she’s from Albany) and had decided that Kennebunkport was the only place that I could propose. I have been vacationing with family in Kennebunkport Maine for as long as I can remember and the small Maine town has become a sacred space for me, a retreat, a respite from the world and a time to truly invest in the quality and comfort of family. That said, it was important to me to stitch Heather into the fabric of that special place. She has been joining us on these trips for years now and it seemed like the perfect place. An elaborate web of lies was weaved in an effort to get Heather down to Colony Beach in Kennebunkport. The incomparable Heidi Kirn and Lisa and Don from Kennebunk’s own Ocean Ave Band were positioned on the beach waiting for us. As we walked the beach on the way to ‘a lantern lighting ceremony to honor a friend’ Don and Lisa began to play a stripped down acoustic version of Joe Cocker’s ‘When The Night Comes.’ When Heather first heard the song she began to realize something was up, and when Heidi turned her camera on us as we approached (having been on the beach for a photoshoot with the band…or so we made it seem) the cat was out of the bag. I then revealed Heather’s parents who had come down from Albany and knelt before the woman I loved and asked her if she might be willing to put up with me for the rest of her life. A complete surprise to Heather that she never saw coming. It was absolutely perfect.

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