Heather and Shane

How We Met

Tinder Beginings: When Ghosting Turns Into Marriage

In the age of technology, love isn’t in the air, it’s in the could. They unexpectedly met over a popular dating app. Shane was preparing for a trip to Denver, while Heather had just moved to the Bothell area.

They can’t recall who swiped on who first but do remember that Shane asked her on a date to celebrate her upcoming birthday (October 12th, 2014) He picked her up from her apartment and they enjoyed a drink before a fantastic live concert. He was a gentleman and she was surprised she trusted someone she just met. He brought her safely home and sealed the night with a kiss. Heather moved back to Richland, Washington shortly after and they didn’t see each other for about a year after that.

November 14th, 2015 was their second first date and Shane went all out! They took a tour around Pike Place Market, dinner and a concert at Sunset Tavern. It didn’t take Heather long to realize that her cheeks hurt from smiling because of Shane! They dated long distance for about one year before Heather made the move back to be closer to Shane.

Since then it has been a wonderful, loving and always adventure filled relationship.

how they asked

A Proposal Among the Clouds- On Saturday, September 29th Shane chartered a ‘Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee’ airplane for Heather takes their Seattle tourist game to new heights! From about 2000 feet in the air, they flew by and saw some of their favorite sites across the Pacific Northwest. They flew north to Lake Cavanaugh to see where we crammed 50+ people in the backyard of his aunt and uncles cabin for family camping in 2018.

Where to Propose in 2000 feet in the air in Seattle

Then pilot headed west to the Puget Sound over Camano Island banking south there towards Seattle. On a partly cloudy day, it was absolutely gorgeous flying directly over Ballard and Fremont on their way to the Eastside. They then found themselves flying about 2,014 feet in the air over Bothell, WA which so happens to be the year and exact location that Shane and Heather met. And it was almost 4 years ago from that very day that “she said yes!”