Heather and Sean

10363583_10152671963148529_6679475498662649759_nSpring breeze, sun shining, sweating like crazy was what was going through Sean’s mind as he started working in the bag room of his golf course.  Bags piled up against the wall and frustration billed up until someone decided to walk in the room.  This person was Bob Kunkle, who was very polite and decided to introduce himself to Sean.  A few seconds later his son Stephen and daughter Heather walked in and he also introduced them.  As they left Sean immediately went to his co-worker and asked who the girl was that caught his eye.  From that moment on Sean was determined to talk and hangout with this girl, Heather Kunkle.  Sean wanted to know a little more about Heather, Facebook was the way to go.  As Sean looked up Heather he saw she had a boyfriend, but was determined to still talk to her.  A couple weeks went by and guess what, Sean and Heather had their first date; mini golf and icecream.  The year was 2011 when all this happened, but Sean and Heather never were able to take it to the next level of dating.  Many dates, family dinners, nightly hangouts and a few kisses happened, but it took until 2013 for all of this to come together.  Sean and Heather knew all along they were meant to be.  The night of August 1, 2013 is where everything started when Sean asked Heather to be is girlfriend down at the point in downtown Pittsburgh along the river.  What a moment it was and will always be remembered.  As it was put on facebook, our phones blew up with excitement from everyone, because they all knew it was down to happen.  From that moment on our lives changed for the better and has led us to where we are today, engaged and soon to be married! :)

how they asked: It was a beautiful fall afternoon spent at the Winery at Wolf Creek right outside of Akron, OH.  It was just like any other day spent together adventuring.  Heather had no suspicions, but Sean on the other hand was nervous as could be!

The day was started with breakfast at the Waffle House and then followed by a trip to the winery.  The whole time leading up to the proposal, Sean made sure that i didn’t stand to the left of him or I’d notice the box in his jacket pocket.

We arrived at the winery, sampled a few wines and then got a bottle and headed outside.  We walked down the hill to a picnic bench under a beautiful, colorful tree with leaves everywhere.  We sat down at the table had a glass of wine and talked.  After a while, Sean suggested taking a walk down the hill towards the lake. Again, while walking Sean made sure Heather was on the right side of him to avoid noticing the ring.  when we got to the bottom of the hill, there was another picnic bench by the water that we sat at.  We enjoyed another glass of wine and each other’s company.  Sean started playing music from his phone and it was the song that will be our first dance at our wedding.  Heather just smiled and kept on enjoying the scenery.  Sean started getting more nervous and started to walk around, Heather thought nothing of it and poured herself another glass of wine.  As Heather was taking a sip, Sean touched her back to get my attention, Heather turned around and he’s on one knee!  You can say Heather was left speechless and shocked, but was able to say YES!