Heather and Ryan

Heather's Proposal in Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada

How We Met

We met in a radiology program at UW Madison. I had started my program and he had just been finishing the program. He helped me get my part time job/ train for it at the hospital and started helping me study for all my classes since he knew exactly what I was going through (and this program was far from easy). He’d come over multiple times a week just sitting there patiently watching me study and helping quiz me. We started dating during my program and he helped me from the start, up until the day I graduated. Never did I think something so innocent like that would lead to the relationship we have today!

Proposal Ideas Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada

Heather and Ryan's Engagement in Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada

How They Asked

Oh this whole day was quite the whirlwind. We woke up at 4 AM and drove in the pitch black to get to Lake Louise. This is one of the most popular destinations in Alberta so you have to get there before sunrise to get any kind of parking. We got out there and waiting for the sun to rise when ryan asked me to start walking around the lake. Apparently this was part of his proposal plan.. however I messed that one up by wanting to go get brunch at the beautiful mansion on the lake before we started hiking. He agreed, we went to brunch, had a great meal and then left for our walk around the lake. The whole way he kept looking back (full disclosure I wanted not a single sole insight when being proposed to, Ive always told Ryan this so now looking back I should have sensed something was up) but kept saying he was looking at the mansion on the lake. We made it to the end when we decided to climb part of the mountain to get to a tea house overlooking Lake Louise. Let me tell you this hike was the worst. I got severe blisters all over my feet and was near tears by the time we made it there and also on the trek back down. Once we made it back ryan asked to walk around the lake once more. At this point I looked at him and asked if he was joking after how much pain my feet were in and he said let’s just look once more. I was pretty irritated at this point (no surprise) but agreed since the lake had changed color since we had seen it that morning. I walked up for one more picture when he said “we’ve been walking a lot” I replied like obviously my cut up bleeding feet should be proof of that. He then said “you must really love me”. After that I started bawling, I just knew in that moment that it was THE moment. I turned around to see him on one knee where I kept crying and trying to avoid the few stragglers who were walking the path. All I remember saying was “are you really doing this?!”. Torn apart feet and all it was an amazing day with breathtaking views and a moment I will never forget!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada

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