Heather and Richard

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How We Met

Richard & I met in a very true-to-Baltimore way— at a bottomless brunch! We shared a mutual friend and were out celebrating her birthday. I entered the brunch late, as I tend to be, and lucky for me the only open seat was across from Richard! I remember being immediately attracted to his smile, kind yet striking blue eyes, and his salt and pepper hair. We had met briefly a few months prior so naturally I casually said, “oh, Hey Richard!” as i sat down. We chatted amongst friends over Bloody Mary’s and mimosas and as the bottomless never quite reached bottom I became more and more candid in my sense of humor, which Richard said attracted him most! After brunch concluded we parted ways. I received a Facebook friend request a few days later, which I happily accepted. And then low and behold a message from Richard appeared in my inbox. He was inviting me to a Michael Jackson themed Cirque De Soleil in Baltimore. But he didn’t just plain ask me out, he asked me out in puns!

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“Hey, how are ya? Would you be interested being a “smooth criminal” and going to the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil on Tues night? Just “beat it” and have a good weekend!”
Little did Richard know that I’m a sucker for puns, have the corniest sense of humor, so I of course replied in puns!

“Michael Jackson themed Cirque du Soliel?! I heard that show is a real “thriller”. All the “pretty young things” have seen it.”

You can say it was fate from the start. The Cirque du Soleil didn’t work out but we shared our first date over sushi & then live music a week or so later. And the rest is history!

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how they asked

We love to travel & try to take a trip every few months. I graduated with my masters from nursing school in December 2017 & Richard planned a graduation trip to Iceland to spend Christmas together and celebrate. We spent the first few days and nights exploring the beautiful countryside and chasing the northern lights. Richard hired a private northern lights tour and each night the aurora forecast just was not cooperating Christmas Day we spent in the blue lagoon and it was magical! After a delicious Icelandic dinner we checked the aurora forecast and it looked like we had a chance for the lights! We headed out on our own venture, chasing the lights. We pulled off on a side road where another car was also parked. Richard got out while I stayed warm, waiting for the sky to open up. Little did i know he told the nearby couple that he was planning to propose and if they didn’t mind capturing it. Moments later the sky opened up and the Northern Lights danced across the sky. I got out of the car and together we watched them.

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He said, “ok, let’s get a picture & then we can head back”. He introduced me to the couple and then I start walking out into the snow. As I turn around for the photo, Richard is on his knee, beneath the Northern Lights, asking me to be his wife! I honestly can’t even remember what he said because I immediately began crying!

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But he said I took off my glove to put out my hand and just hugged & kissed him— never actually saying yes! We thanked the couple, popped champagne he had packed & spent the next 4 hours FaceTiming our friends and family back home!!

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Richard was apparently trying to propose the first few nights on the private tour, which the tour guide was actually a photographer too! But the forecast just would not cooperate! He said, “well it had to happen before we left because I had no plan B!” It was the happiest most magical moment!

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