Heather and Raymond

How We Met

I first met Heather online on 19th October 2013 after she sent me a smile.

Heather absolutely LOVES animals so earlier this year we took a trip to London Zoo. It was here on 6th July 2015 that I decided I wanted to be with Heather forever. That’s why I decided to organise a trip back to London for September of this year in order to arrange a proposal that Heather would never forget!

how they asked

I knew that I wanted to propose to Heather in London but I did not know how. I just knew that I wanted to do something that she’d remember forever!

Image 1 of Heather and Raymond

I enlisted the help of proposal planners called, The Proposers. They were brilliant! I went into their office to come up with unique proposal ideas.

After an afternoon spent eating cake and drinking tea we decided that a penguin themed proposal would be perfect for Heather as they are her favourite animals.

Image 2 of Heather and Raymond

Penguins also have a very romantic proposal story themselves. Male penguins search the entire beach for the perfect pebble to give to the female penguin they want to marry!

On 18th September 2015, I booked for Heather and I to stay in the penthouse of the Park Plaza, so that we would have to the beautiful views of Central London to look over.

Image 3 of Heather and Raymond

Whilst I took Heather to the aquarium to look at real penguins, The Proposers snuck into the penthouse and beautifully transformed it into a penguin themed room.

When we walked back into the room Heather was astounded to see that there were white and blue rose petals (to represent ice) laid around with candles and fairy lights forming a trail leading up to a charmingly decorated table which contained a frame with two penguins in love.

Image 4 of Heather and Raymond

There were also photos of us and a scrapbook featuring memorable pictures of our lives together. On the last page Heather found a small pebble, which told her to follow the other pebbles outside.

As she followed the trail she came across a vase containing even more pebbles! She then had to shift through them in order to find the one, which said, “Will you marry me?”

Image 5 of Heather and Raymond

As Heather ecstatically turned around holding the pebble she found me bent down on one knee, waiting to ask those four terrifying and extremely exciting words, ‘Will you marry me?” And thankfully, she said “Yes!”

Image 6 of Heather and Raymond

Special Thanks

The Proposers
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