Heather and Paul

How We Met: Paul and I met our sophomore year of college through a mutual friend. When I first met Paul, I didn’t even think we would be friends… Never have I been so mistaken in my life. Less than three months later, Paul and I were hanging out in the same group of friends nearly every night. We got to know each other through hikes, camping trips, meals in the student cafeteria, and soon we became pretty good friends.

Months went by, and the school year was coming to a close. By this point, we both really liked each other, but neither of us knew. During finals week, we would stay up until 3am each morning to help each other study even when we were just exhausted. Well the school year ended and Paul was going on a mission trip to Fiji and then heading off to Texas for the rest of the summer to work at a camp.

I sent Paul a text every day that he was in Fiji, reminding him that I’m praying for him and that I’m missing him. When he landed back on American soil, he received all my texts that I had sent him through this time in Fiji. He asked if I could pick him up from the airport, and, of course, I was more than happy to. We talked for countless hours about his trip while looking at the pictures he took and learning more about the people.

We went to Oreganos to eat dinner and in the middle of our conversation, he looks at me and goes, “okay, I’m just going to tell you.” My heart started pounding!! When he was halfway through confessing his feelings for me, the waitress came to give us the check which made for a hilarious/awkward moment for all three of us. I ended up telling him how much I liked him too – the rest is history. I knew I was going to marry him that night.

how they asked: Paul is from New York and had never seen the Grand Canyon. I took him there in October and covered his eyes so he got the full effect all at once. Fast forward to December, he takes me home with him to NY. Little did I know that after I left, his sweet mom gave him his grandmother’s ring to propose. February rolls around and he’s had the ring for months now. Valentine’s Day weekend gets here and we were going to go up to Flagstaff the day after Valentine’s Day to continue the celebration of our first Valentine’s Day together.

What I didn’t know is that Paul and his roommate had gone up to Flagstaff a month before to find a spot to propose. After an entire day of walking around Flagstaff, the sun was beginning to set. Paul told me he wanted to take me to this mountain that he knew about to see all the animals and the sunset. About half way up the mountain, Paul blindfolds me so that I could see the beauty in its entirety. I didn’t think this was weird since I did the same thing at the Grand Canyon.

He led me up blind the rest of mountain. When we got to the top, I heard music playing and I thought we were intruding on someone’s campground! But Paul encouraged me that we were almost there and to just stay with it. I soon realized that a love song was playing, and my heart stated pounding. I never thought he was going to propose because he didn’t have enough savings quite yet to buy a ring. Paul led me to a spot where he told me to take off the blindfold.

Image 1 of Heather and Paul

There he was, on his knee, with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. He asked me to marry him and I basically just tackled him with the biggest hug I could give. After he put the ring on my finger, I noticed that some of our best friends were up there. The girl who introduce us was taking pictures to capture the whole thing. A couple of guys went up there to set up a beautiful lighted pathway leading to Paul’s proposal, a tent, and some chairs.

I couldn’t believe it, Paul had thought of everything. I called my family and they were elated. After some time alone to let everything sink in, Paul told me the night wasn’t over yet. We packed everything up and went down the mountain. He told me we were going to have dinner with the friends that came to set everything up.

Image 2 of Heather and Paul

However, when I walked into the restaurant, there was my entire family, my grandparents, and about 20 of my closest friends who all drove up three hours to help Paul and I celebrate our future. All in one day, Paul took me on the adventure of a lifetime and made me feel like the most loved human being on the face of the earth. We are getting married April 24 (the day after college graduation).

Image 3 of Heather and Paul

Image 4 of Heather and Paul