Heather and Nick; Engaged in NYC


How We Met: It all began back in the Fall of 2009 when a close friend of mine was traveling to James Madison University to visit his girlfriend and suggested that I come along. Little did I know, they were conspiring to set me up on a blind date with his girlfriend’s roommate, Heather. We all went out to dinner that night and I knew right away that this would be just the first of many trips to come. Throughout the course of the next several weeks, the visits became more frequent for dinner, movies, JMU football games, and any other excuse that I could come up with to see Heather again. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was something truly special about Heather that I had yet to find in any other girl- not only did she have a fun loving spirit and a big heart, but more importantly she was a woman of God. She led me closer to the Lord and as our relationship grew, we also grew stronger in our faith together. As the years went by and the marriage talks arose, I began to realize that I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life without Heather standing by my side.

How I Asked: We had always agreed that we would wait until she graduated from JMU before we would consider starting the next chapter of our life together (and boy oh boy did she count the days down). Graduation came and went, the family beach trip passed, and still no proposal. The suspense was higher than ever at this point. Little did she know, I had been planning and praying long and hard over a Labor Day trip to our favorite vacation spot, New York City. I had done my research, contacted a local NYC photographer and planned the entire day. Completely oblivious to the intent of our long weekend away, Heather packed up and we headed off to the city. Our first morning, I surprised her with breakfast at the Plaza Hotel and then we went for a seemingly innocent stroll in Central Park. Kamila, our photographer (who is simply amazing I may add), had discretely followed us into the park all the way to our favorite bridge with the city skyline as the backdrop. Stopping to take our annual touristy photo here, I popped the long-awaited question with Kamila capturing the entire proposal. After a unwavering YES, many tears and hugs, we set out with Kamila to do an engagement photo shoot in New York City. August 30, 2013 was a special day for Heather and I, certainly well worth the wait! A year exactly from that day, we will exchange our vows and start our forever!

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Photos by Kamila Harris Photography