Heather and Nathaniel

How We Met

We met in high school through some clubs in school and were kind of interested in each other but never pursued anything until our senior year of high school. He asked me to be his girlfriend on New Year’s in 2014 and we have been together ever since! The photo attached is from my senior prom, which I was recovering from chickenpox I got from my senior year trip to Florida.

Proposal Ideas Porto, Portugal

The other photo is from our grad pictures with Oakley. We both ended up going to the same college for undergrad in Virginia, adopted a dog our fourth year of dating (the most spoiled pup), and graduated college together. Looking back on photos we were such babies it’s crazy.

Heather's Proposal in Porto, Portugal

How They Asked

After 5 years, we both kind of knew it was going to happen and I had been sending him ring pictures for months on Instagram (little did I know he had had the ring for a long time so those pictures didn’t even matter). We had planned a trip to Portugal for February 2020 and I had a pretty clear understanding it would happen then but didn’t push anything. On our fourth day there, he kept saying let’s go to this lighthouse it looks really cool but kept pushing the time back to when we would take an uber down the coast to it. Eventually, he said okay let’s go and when we got there, the coast of Porto was in a warning due to extreme weather and bad wave conditions so his whole plan was ruined.

He wanted to walk out to the lighthouse and had hired a professional photographer but everything was blocked off and closed so he had to improvise. What was supposed to be a perfectly planned proposal turned into the last place in all of Portugal I would have expected anything to happen. I was walking away from him because it was the last thing on my mind so the thing I hear is him half-yelling my name and I turn around and he’s down on one knee and I’m like what are you doing, get up? So he never really got to ask me or finish his speech, just got out “Will you make Oakley the happiest pup….” because I interrupted him to tell him to get up. I don’t even think I said yes and I was wearing another ring on that finger and I think I threw it on the ground to put the engagement ring on. It’s a funny story and fits our relationship.

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