Heather and Nate

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I’ve known Nate for 8 years. He’s fun, honest, kind and very easy to talk to. Somehow within our almost decade of friendship, through his relentless convincing and persistence we started dating 3 and a half years ago. I was apprehensive at first, nervous about the potential of ruining a very good friendship but I’m so happy now that with some encouragement I took the risk.

Nate and I share an analytical and creative side. He majored in art history and works in sales and I majored in marketing and work in jewelry design. I think it is because of this right brain/left brain duality we share that we can just so easily connect.

One day between sales calls in southern Rhode Island he came across a beautiful beach and told me we had to visit it soon. Being from and island in Maine, I’m up for any outing that includes being next to the ocean. We made our first visit there in April. I brought several of my jewelry pieces for Nate to take pictures of for my portfolio. The beach was amazing. Clean sand, beautiful ocean and a successful adventure day with my boyfriend.

A few weeks ago after a great jewelry photoshoot we decided to return to my new favorite beach to soak up some sun and snap a few more jewelry pics after the crowd died down.

As the sun started sitting lower in the sky and the flocks of people started to dwindle we began taking pictures of my jewelry. Having already been there once we knew the spots we wanted to visit. We wrapped beaded strands around beachy fence posts, let necklaces dangle off of small branches and finally did a material shoot on a bench-like piece of driftwood that looks like it’s been placed there. We took several pictures of the semiprecious gems and then I turned to Nate, “that’s probably good, right?” He agreed and began putting away his camera. My back was toward him as I gathered up all of my gems and pearls and he put away his photo equipment- so I thought. When I turned back around to face him he was on one knee, on my favorite beach, at sunset and holding the most beautiful ring. He asked if I would marry him and of course I said, “yes!” I’m so grateful for his persistence and patience at the beginning of our relationship. We are so happy to be engaged and looking forward to our future together.

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